Pupil Acceptable Use Agreement – Year 3 to Year 6

This is how we stay safe when we use computers:

  • I understand that I am responsible for my own actions.
  • I will use my knowledge of internet safety to guide me whenever and wherever I am online.
  • I will only use the network, Internet and e-mail when a teacher has given permission.
  • I will only access the network with the login and password I have been given and I will keep my password secret.
  • I will not access other people’s files without their permission.
  • I understand that the school will check my computer files and monitor the internet sites I visit.
  • I will not copy anyone’s work and call it my own.
  • I will not bring in software from outside school and try to use it on the school computers.
  • I will only e-mail people I know, or a teacher has approved.
  • I will be polite and responsible when sending e-mail and will not forward any chain letters.
  • I will not give any personal details to anyone on the Internet or in any email or arrange to meet anyone out of school.
  • I will report any unpleasant material to a teacher immediately because this will help protect other pupils and myself.
  • I will discuss internet safety issues with my parents or carers and uphold any rules for safe internet use in my home.
  • I know that if I break the rules I might not be allowed to use a computer.