BSL Resources and Activities

Have a go at finger spelling your name using BSL (British Sign Language).

We have access to free BSL lesson online delivered by Yvonne Cobb, a TV presenter and a qualified Deaf teacher. This is a great opportunity to you learn more BSL, just click on the link below.

Deaf Awareness Week 2024

During Deaf Awareness Week children at Girlington Primary School carried out many activities. They learnt about the ear, different degrees of hearing loss, some types of equipment used by deaf people and how to communicate better with deaf people.

Here is a video the deaf children in the Resourced Provision have created to show some good examples of deaf awareness.

Here are some of the activities the children at Girlington Primary school carried out during the week, which they thoroughly enjoyed.

In Year 4 for Deaf Awareness week, the RP pupils showed their hearing aids / processors to their class and demonstrated what happened if they did not have these on.  They also looked at the different parts of the ear and labelled these together with the class.  Some other activities in Year 4 included true or false statements about deaf people, which they really enjoyed and had a lot of questions to ask.  The RP pupils also enjoyed being teachers and taught their class the BSL alphabet. 

During Deaf Awareness Week, Year 6 pupils in the Resourced Provision taught the hearing children in their class how to communicate effectively with their deaf classmates. They used drama to show some poor examples of communication and then modelled the best ways to get a deaf person’s attention and good practice in speaking to a deaf person. The children also learned how the ear works and made models of the ear. The  pupils took home a postcard from the National Deaf Children’s Society with useful communication tips to remind them of what they have learned.

During Deaf Awareness Week, Years 1 and 2 have been exploring how to communicate with their deaf friends. They tried the ‘lip reading challenge’, which was really hard! They learned how to fingerspell their names, and talked about some ‘dos and don’ts’ when communicating with deaf people. Everyone had lots of fun, and worked hard to communicate better and include everybody.

Communicating with your deaf friends

Deaf Instructors have created a video with the RP pupils showing BSL signs for sign language week. you could pick up some more new signs from this video.