Girlington Primary School

Girlington Primary School

Our Curriculum

At Girlington our aim is that learning is both challenging and fun. We want children to be excited about learning, which is why we teach our curriculum through themes which we know will be interesting and engaging for children.

At Girlington Primary School we follow the National Curriculum.  Each morning in year 1- year 6 we have dedicated reading, maths and writing lessons. Each day pupils also take part in a phonics and/or spelling and grammar lesson.

In the afternoon we teach the foundation subjects (history, geography, art and design, design and technology, music, computing) and science through a themed approach which we call our creative curriculum.

Each half term we spend an afternoon studying a festival associated with one of the major world religions. This helps children learn one of the British values - An Acceptance of Culture, Faith and Others as well as addressing the religious education curriculum.

Each week, pupils have an afternoon dedicated to physical education which forms part of a sports provision. For more information see our PE and Sports section.

If you want to find out more about our curriculum please see our curriculum guides for each year group.