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Maths - 21.5.20

1. Write the Maths L.O: I can use my knowledge of angles to solve a problem.

2. Draw the lines to make the shape below (It doesn't have to be exact because we will be working out the angles using our facts, not our protractors)

3. Using the helpful tips, label the missing angles

Helpful Tips

  • Opposite angles are equal (the same).
  • There are 180 degrees in a Straight Angle.
  • There are 360 degrees in a Full Angle.
  • The interior angles of a triangle add up to 180 degrees.
  • The interior angles of a quadrilateral add up to 360 degrees.

4. Answers will be on this page tomorrow but there will be no work tomorrow as it is the first day of the half term holiday.

Maths - 20.5.20


Below are the answers to yesterday's work.

Today's work...

Kitchen Conversion

1 inch = about 2.5cm

1 ounce = approximately 25 grams

1 pint = roughly 0.6 litres

Yards, feet, inches, stones, pounds, ounces, gallons and pints are all IMPERIAL measurements. We use mostly METRIC measurements like metres and centimetres today, but we need to be able to convert between the two types.

Your mission for today:

Take your home learning book, pencil, colours and ruler into your kitchen.

You may also need some kitchen scales and a measuring jug.

Find things in your kitchen that either show their measurements, or can be measured.

Draw them in your home learning book under the heading Kitchen Conversion.

Label them with their measurements in BOTH imperial and metric units of measurement.


This can contains 500ml of soup. 500ml = half a litre. 1 litre is 0.6 of a pint, so half a litre is about 0.3 of a pint, or about 1/3 of a pint.


Maths - 19.5.20

If you have an answer for Jacob's piano problem, that will mean that you didn't give up. Well done, you have completed the objective.

There were 43 notes. Each had 3 strings. 43 x 3 = 129 strings.

It took 129 x 45 seconds. That's 5,805 seconds.

How many minutes? 5,805 divided by 60 (because there are 60 seconds in a minute). That's 96.75 minutes, or 96 minutes and 45 seconds (because 0.75 = 3/4 = 45 out of 60 seconds).

The answer is 96 minutes, 45 seconds.

In hours, minutes and seconds it is 1 hour, 36 minutes and 45 seconds.

Today's work...

Maths - 18.5.20

Below are the answers to Friday's work.


Good morning from Mr. Hall's house. Today's motto is...

Here's Jacob. What is he doing?

So that's 43 notes, each note has 3 strings, and each string takes 45 seconds to tune on average.

How long, in minutes and seconds, has it taken for Jacob to tune the first 43 notes?

This is a challenging problem to solve. The objective is Don't Give Up! If you don't give up, you will have completed the task. People who give up will never get it right. People who don't give up will get at least some of it right. I want you to get at least some of it right, which means you must not give up. Let's do it!

Maths - 15.5.20

1. First mark yesterdays work.

2. Then, write and underline today's date in roman numerals and the Maths L.O: I can read and interpret graphs.

3. Next, watch this video as a reminder about pictograms

3. Finally, Have a go at the five questions below.

Maths - 14.5.20

Here are the answers to yesterday's work.

1. Draw the lines, they don't have to be exact just as long as they resemble (look like) the ones in the question.

2. Using the helpful tips, label the missing angles

Helpful Tips

Maths - 13.5.20

Yesterday, lots of you worked really hard to find the answers to my problem.

I needed a budget of £150 for 5 people (seems like a lot!), that's £60 more than we were spending.

Subhaan's solution...

The amount of ingredients you need for one cake is:

225g butter, softened,

225g caster sugar,

4 eggs,

225g self raising flour,

3 tbsp milk,

1 tsp vanilla extract,

2 tbsp cocoa powder,

No marbles!


Now have a go at these five questions, there is a help sheet below if you need it.

Maths - 12.5.20

Help! I am stuck! Here are my problems:

Before the lockdown, Samuel and Jacob were away from home at university. They have come home and, quite frankly, are eating all the food so that by the end of the week there is none left. Perhaps if they had to pay something towards it, they might be a bit more careful.

Our weekly shop - between me, Mrs. Hall and Kitty - used to cost £90. How much do you think should we be spending now that 2 more people are at home? Send me an answer in an email message.

If we spend more than that amount, I am going to send them a bill for the extra money spent.


My daughter, Kitty, made four marble cakes the other day - one for us, and some for the neighbours. Yummy.

Chocolate marble cake recipe | BBC Good Food

She needed

  • 900g butter, softened
  • 900g caster sugar
  • 16 eggs
  • 900g self-raising flour
  • 12 tbsp milk
  • 4 tsp vanilla extract
  • 8 tbsp cocoa powder
  • No marbles

Now I would like to make one. Just one. Send me an email to tell me how much of each ingredient I need.

I can't wait to get your solutions, because then I can make one.

Thank you,

Mr. Hall

Maths - 11.5.20

If you did the opposite angles activity in your home learning book, here are the correct answers.

Click on the image below, watch the video then go to 'activities' and have a go at snap and the quiz.

If it doesn't work on a phone, scroll down to the activity below.


Maths - 7.5.20

If you are using a phone, do these activities:

1.Watch this in Espresso.

2.Now watch this in Espresso.

3. Have a go at working out these missing angles. Draw and label your answers in your home learning book.


If you are using a tablet or computer, do these activities.

1. Click on this link to the Busy Things website.

2. Click on 'continue without flash'.

3. Navigate to Key Stage 2 / Year 5/6 / Mathematics / Properties of shapes.

4. Go down the page. Do these activities.

5.Watch this in Espresso.

6.Now watch this in Espresso.

7. This is so exciting - now design some flowers or snowflakes. Go back to Busy Things and the page you were on earlier. Have a go at this activity. I love it. Think of it as a reward for doing all the work today.

Maths - 6.5.20

Come on year five, we're falling behind! 

1. Watch the video below.

2. Click on the link below, watch the video, complete the quiz, quiz plus and activity.

If you are using a phone go down to number 3.

3. Complete the activity below

Maths - 5.5.20

Amazing Answers         Incredible Answers

1. Now click on this link to the Busy Things website.

2. Click on 'continue without flash.

3. Navigate to Key Stage 2 / Year 5/6 / Mathematics / Decimals.

4. Work through the games, starting at the top of the page and going down.

5. Send me an email to tell me which games you did well in. Did you enjoy them? I did.

6. That's it. Well done.

Using a phone? Have a go at these instead. Check your answers when you have done.

Maths - 4.5.20

 Morning mathematicians...

1. We have a battle of the bands against year 6 starting at 9am today and finishing at 3pm on Friday! Spend 10 minutes on TT Rockstars now and make sure you do some everyday throughout the week.


2. Rule off any previous work and write today's date in roman numerals (scroll down to the roman numerals help sheet from 27.4.20 if you need to) and the Maths L.O: I can solve multi step problems.


3. Choose one of the challenges, write the question number (you don't need to write out the question) and use jottings to work out the answers.


(Remember you can zoom in by using the options below the cross you would use to close the internet window)

Amazing Challenge (slightly easier)                 Incredible Challenge (more challenging)


Maths - 1.5.20

Good morning.

Write the date and Maths L.O: I can calculate to answer timetable questions.

There is a video to watch, and two activities to complete in your home learning book. the video clip is about the Settle to Carlisle railway, which goes over the Ribblehead viaduct - that's the enormous bridge that you may have seen when you went caving at Ingleborough Hall.


Activity 1

Activity 2

Maths - 30.4.20

1. Rule off any previous work and write the Maths L.O I can draw measure and label angles.

2. Watch video 1 - first angle I should say "put the cross hair of the protractor on the vertex"

3. Find and measure angles in your house/garden.

4. Watch video 2

5. Draw and label the angles.

Maths - 29.4.20

Here are the answers from yesterday's rounding decimals questions.

Today's activity is about converting units of time. You will need some paper (it's OK to use your home learning book) to make jottings and do calculations on so that you can work out the answers for the quiz, quiz plus and activity. I have tested this activity on a phone, and it works. How many can you get right? If you want, you can send an email to tell me how you got on.

Click here to do today's activity, which is in Espresso.

Maths - 28.4.20

First of all, here are the answers from Friday's work. I (Mr Stones) forgot to put them on Monday's page so I apologise for that.


Today we are going to look at rounding decimals. The good news is it follows the same pattern from last week's rounding work.

1. Watch the video below

2. Use the help sheets to help answer the questions below.


Maths - 27.4.20

Update - Today's work in Education City doesn't seem to work well for phone users. If you are using a phone, follow these links to Espresso (you will need to log in), watch the video and look through the presentation.

  1. Video about roman numerals.

  2. Slide show about roman numerals.

Good morning maths fans!

I have set you some work about roman numerals in Education City. Visit Education City, log in and you should see the classwork that I have set. When you get onto the worksheet questions, write the date and the title Roman Numerals, and write your answers. You will then be able to have a go and check your answers. 

If you have a problem, email

You will get a certificate if you get more than 70% of part 1 correct.

My teacher page will show me who has done it.

Here is a clue to help you:

Maths - 24.4.20

1. Rule off any previous work and write 24.4.20   Maths L.O: I can analyse and compare line graphs.

2. Last week we looked at the line graph of one sunflower, this week we are going to look at two line graphs plotted on the same axes which is great for making comparisons. Read the information carefully and have a go at the 7 questions below.


7. Write one true sentence that compares (what's the same or what's different) the weather on Jasper's holiday with the weather on Sonia's holiday.


Both Jasper's and Sonia's coldest day of their holiday was their first day.


Maths - 23.4.20

Here are the answers to yesterday's work.

and now for today's work...

1. Click here to play with the online protractor.

2. Watch the video below, and complete the activity.

Maths - 22.4.20

Answers from yesterday:

Identifying Hundredths

Question 1-

34/100          79/100          53/100

1/100            8/100             4/100

Question 2-

a. 2/10

b. 50/100

c. 70/100

d. 3/10

e. 90/100

f. 6/10

True or false?

1. Three quarters is the same as 750/1000. TRUE.

2. 0.75 = 7/8. FALSE. 0.75 = 6/8 = 3/4 = 75/100 = 750/1000

3. All cows eat grass. TRUE, but they also eat other things.

4. 3.45, rounded to the nearest whole number, is 4.FALSE. The nearest whole number is 3.

5. 3/5 > 0.65.       3/5 = 30/50 = 60/100 = 6/10 = 0.6.    So 3/5 = 0.6, and 0.6 < 0.65, therefore it is FALSE.

Now for today's work...

1. Rule off any previous work and write 22.4.20    Maths L.O: I can convert between different metric units of length. 

2. Have a go at one of the challenges below. Remember you can zoom by using the settings option at the top right of the internet window under the exit cross.                              

Well done, answers check your answers tomorrow.

Maths - 21.4.20

First, let's check our answers from yesterday. If you got more than half of these right, then you understand what to do. If you got most of them right, you were also being careful. Have a smiley face. If you got all of them right, you were being very precise. Have a smiley face. If you are stuck, you could talk to an adult or email Here are the answers: 

Now write 21.4.20                Maths L.O: I can convert fractions to decimals.

Write the question numbers, then both the fraction and the decimal for each picture. have a go at both tenths and hundredths.

And finally, true or false? (The slash / is like the 'out of' line in a fraction). Write your ideas in your book. Do all the ones that you can. Don't give up too easily.

1. Three quarters is the same as 750/1000.

2. 0.75 = 7/8.

3. All cows eat grass.

4. 3.45, rounded to the nearest whole number, is 4.

5. 3/5 > 0.65

All answers tomorrow. Well done.

Maths - Monday 20th April 2020



1. Underline today's writing work and write the Maths L.O: I can round numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000. 

2. Watch the video below (I say "units" because it says 'look at the units' to help you when rounding to the nearest ten, we normally says 'ones')

3. Use the help sheet to round the numbers in the 1 star or 2 star table below.