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You will also need to save up your recycling (plastic bottles, cardboard tubes, cereal boxes, plastic containers etc).

Creative Curriculum

Design Technology - Tuesday 2nd June

Design Technology:

1. For this half term's D.T project we are going to design, make, evaluate and improve a bug or bird hotel. We will be making this from recycled materials so please ask your parents to save plastics (bottles, containers, pots etc), cardboard (cereal boxes, egg boxes, pizza boxes and the cardboard circles etc) and any other recyclables you could use safely. To make sure we are being safe and hygienic its a good idea to wash any plastic containers out. 


2. Today's challenge is to make a 'bug shelter' in your garden (don't make a mess inside like Mr Stones) from natural materials (sticks, leaves, grass, petals etc).


If you don't have a garden or can't get natural materials, see if you can make it from things in your house (Lego, K'nex, paper, pencil case equipment etc but try to use a mixture e.g don't just use Lego)


Things to help you:

  • Think about your shelter building at Ingleborough Hall
  • Use the photographs in 'Ingleborough Hall 2020 Photo Gallery' for inspiration.
  • Have a look at Mr Stones's bug shelter below.


It would be great to see your bug shelters, send any pictures to


Design Technology - Thursday 4th June

1. Rule off any previous work and write the D.T L.O: I can identify common features and materials of structures around the world.

2. Look at these structures from around the world.

3. Fold your page in half, on one side make a list of materials (what the structures are made from)

4. On the other side have a go at making a list of features (any parts of the structures e.g 'domes' like you would find on many mosques).

5. Use the feature mat below, can you find any of the features in any of the structures? If so, add them to your feature list.

6. Pick a couple of your favourite structures and use this link to Google Maps to explore where they are and what they look like from different angles (search the structure, drag the little yellow person from the bottom right of the map to a road around the structure). By the way, The Taj Mahal is in India the Taj Mahals in England that it comes up with when you search are take aways and not as spectacular to look at!

Science - Friday 5th June

1. Rule off any previous work and write the Science L.O: I can identify the properties and use of everyday materials.

2. Watch the video

3. Look at the 'Properties of materials' below and familiarise yourself with the words and meanings, many you will already know. (Useful tip - you can zoom in and zoom out using the settings option at the top right of an internet browser window, just below the cross to exit)

4. Choose 5 (safe) objects with different materials from your house/garden and for each object write:

  • What the object is.
  • What material(s) the object is made from.
  • What are the material's properties (choose from the properties above)

5. Write down the following objects, think about their purpose and next to the object write a possible alternative material that could work and an alternative material that definitely will not work.

  1.  Glass window
  2.  Wooden table
  3.  Plastic cup

Science and Design Technology - Monday 8th June

1. Rule off any previous work and write the Science and D.T L.O: I can research animal habitats to note and develop initial ideas for my design. 

2. Sir David Attenborough is a well known television presenter and a natural historian. He studied geology and zoology at university and has dedicated much of his life to learning about different wildlife from all around the world.  He writes and reads the commentary (speech to match the pictures and videos) on wildlife programmes which are truly awe inspiring. Watch two of his videos below.

3. We are going to be designing and making either a bug hotel or a bird hotel out of recyclable materials (make sure you have asked you parents to save recyclables). This process is going to take a couple of weeks and the first thing you need to decide, is whether you are going to make a bird hotel, or a bug hotel.

4. Once you have decided, on the line below your L.O, write either Bird habitat or Bug habitat.

5. We are going to be natural historians like Sir David Attenborough and study the habitat of our chosen animal. Read the information 'Minibeats' (if you want to make a bug hotel) or 'Garden Birds', below 'Minibeats' (if you want to make a bird hotel) and make a list of notes about their habitat. What kind of place do these animals live? . Knowing this will help us make our hotel attractive to our animals.


French - Tuesday 9th June

1. Rule off any previous work and write French L.O: I can consider the position of adjectives in a sentence.

2. Usually in French the adjective comes after the noun, for example 'un chat noir' - 'a cat black'.

3. However this is not true for the adjectives 'small' - 'petit' and 'big' - 'grand' which come before the noun, for example 'un petit chat' - 'a small cat'

4. Listen to the audio below and practise saying the words 'petit' and 'grand' (the second and third word - don't worry about the others words for now)

5. Re order the words so the the determiner, adjective and noun are in the right place.



HINT - You know the colours, you know big and little and you can use 'the black cat' example above... easy!


Design Technology - Thursday 11th June

1. Rule off any previous work and write D.T L.O: I can create a design criteria based on existing products. 

2. Look at the hotels for humans from around the world. Think about which would you want to go to? Which would you not want to go to?

3. Write the subheading 'Human Hotel Design Criteria' then below that, using the pictures, any experiences you have of hotels and your understanding of what a hotel is for, make a list of essential (must have) hotel features e.g entrance.

4. Many of the hotels have their own unique (different from the others) features, make a list of some unique features and why you think it's been made that way.

5. Watch the videos of the hotels below, people love to see and experience nature you might want to bear that in mind when designing your bird/bug hotel.

6. Now write Bug Hotel Design Criteria or Bird Hotel Design Criteria.

7. Make a list of essential features (must have for the animals to use the hotel) for your bug or bird hotel. 

8. Write down any unique or unusual features that your bug or bird hotel could have and give your reasons for why it would have those features.

Art and Design Technology - Friday 12th June

 1. Rule off any previous work and write Art and D.T L.O: I can identify characteristics of key architects.

2. Explore these famous architects and their creations.

5. Before any of these buildings were built they were designed by the architects. All architects start by drawing their ideas.

6. Below are examples of a very simple bird hotel and bug hotel. Choose your favourite architect from the 4 above and redesign either the bird hotel or bug hotel in the style of that architect.


Computing - Monday 15th June

Follow these four Espresso video clips to find out about computer modelling.

Design Technology - Tuesday 16th June

1. Watch the video below of the tallest buildings in the world through time. What do you notice about the shapes of the buildings?

2. Look at these stands, how are they similar to the buildings?

Microphone  Telescope Coat Stand Floor Lamp

3. What is unusual about this building (the tall one) in Manchester?

Base - a thing or a part on which something rests : the bottom/foundation e.g the base of a statue or the base of the mountain


4. The wider the base, the more stable the structure. Use this principle to help you build the tallest tower you can using only paper/newspaper and glue/sellotape.


5. Send a picture of your tower to


Design Technology - Thursday 18th June 

 1. Using 1 piece of A4 paper and without changing the paper at all can you make the paper support your glue stick or pencil case?

2. Using 1 piece of A4 paper and without changing it, can you lift your glue stick or pencil case by only touching the paper?

3. Watch the video below

4. Using the piece of paper make...

  1. A structure that will support your glue stick or pencil case above the ground/table. 
  2. A container you can use to lift your glue stick or pencil case by only touching the paper.

Design Technology - Friday 19th June

 1. Log in to Espresso

2. Click on the links below.

  1. Watch the 'Bridges' video.
  2. Have a go at the 'Different Types of Bridges' quiz.
  3. Watch the 'Tall Buildings' video.
  4. Have a go at the 'Tall Buildings' quiz.


We will be watching 'Old Buildings' and 'Future Buildings' another time and completing the 'Simple Machines' quiz another time.

Bridges video            Different Types of Bridges quiz            Tall Buildings                     Tall Buildings quiz    


PSHE - Monday 22nd June

1. Log on to espresso

2. Click the picture of espresso news bites below.

3. Click on 'News Bites + Quiz'.

4. Watch the news video.

5. Next to the video you have just watched, underneath where it says 'What next?', there is a link to 'News Bites quiz'.

6. Have a go at the quiz.

7. Click on the link below again and this time, click the 'Life in the Second World War' and watch the video.

Design Technology - Tuesday 23rd June

1. Rule off any previous work then write the D.T L.O: I can use my understanding of materials, structures and habitats to design a bird/bug hotel.


2. Using your design criteria, understanding of structures and your understanding of properties of materials, draw your final bird/bug hotel design. You may want to have a look at the recycling you have saved so you know what you have available.


3. Label what materials you are using and why.


4. Label what you are going to use inside the hotel to simulate a bird/bug habitat.


Design Technology - Thursday 25th June


Use your final design to build your bug or bird hotel. 


If your hotel has different sections, you may wish to fill your hotel as you go.

Music - Friday 26th June

Yesterday, you were sent an email containing login details for a website. It would be lovely for you to be able to do some music learning whilst at home, so I thought we could give this a try. What I need from you today is to know how you got on, especially if you are using a phone. If it doesn't work this time, it doesn't matter. The most important thing is for me to find out if it does or not. So please, please, please can you let me know by emailing if you had any problems. Have fun!

Thanks very much,


Here's how to log in:

  1. Visit this website -
  2. Log in using the username and email that was sent to you in the email message (this was sent a long time ago).
  3. You will see this. Click on 'Assignments'. 
  4. Explore the activities and choose some to have a go at.


P.S. You can explore YUMU at any time once you have a username and password. There is loads to explore, and it's really good fun.


Design Technology - Monday 29th June

1.Set up your bug/bird hotel in the garden.

2. Fill the bug hotel to simulate the habitat, you may have different parts for different bugs.

3. You may want to add some food, use these links to make it safe and appealing.

Birds -

Bugs - (Don't worry about the structure, look for clues about food and what will attract bugs) 

4. Keep an eye out over the weekend and photograph or make a list of any visitors.

Design Technology - Tuesday 30th June

1. Rule off any previous work and write the D.T L.O: I can evaluate my work.

2. Write a short paragraph under each subheading evaluating your bird/bug hotel

What I like

What I don’t like

What I would adapt

What I would do differently if I were to do it again


Design Technology - Thursday 2nd July

1. Rule off any previous work and write the D.T L.O: I can evaluate and improve my product

2. Using your ideas from yesterday 'What I would adapt (small change)' and 'What I would do differently', decide whether you would want to make small adaptations or a completely new design.

3. Draw your improved hotel.

4. Label any changes and why you have made them.

French - Friday 3rd July

Click on the pictures below to take you to the correct Espresso video/activity

1. Watch the video and listen out

for any new shops. (Clicking on the

'Script' allows you to see what is 

being said)

2. Play snap 3. Play the food memory game.