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Maths - This work is for both year 5 and year 6


Make sure to do your fast maths practise at the bottom of the 'year 5 and 6' home page. Click link below.

Year 5 and 6 Homepage


Did you complete your arithmetic task today? Follow this link to find it.

Arithmetic Tasks

Maths Friday 3rd July

Watch the video below

Have a go at quiz 1

Have a go at quiz 2


Co-ordinates always give the x value first then the y (Along the corridor, up the stairs)

It's a little bit like the geography from last week (How far east or west, then how far north or south)

Watch the video again if you are unsure



Maths Wednesday 1st July

 Play the countdown numbers game

Choose any 6 cards, these are you numbers to use

Click play and you will be given a target to try and reach

You can only use each card once but you don't have to use all of them if you don't want

Use add subtract multiply and divide

Maths Tuesday 30th June

 Click on the picture below and have a go at the snap games.

Do them in order (left to right top row and then the one underneath comes last)

Everyone can do the first one and then have a go at the others.

Maths Monday 29th June

1. Mark Friday's work

2. Choose 3 games that you have not yet played and spend 10 minutes playing each game.

Maths Friday 26th June

Problem Solving Friday

1. Choose your level of challenge

  • Amazing - less challenge
  • Incredible - middle challenge
  • Fantastic - most challenge


2. Download the document (you must do this because the fruit don't show in the right places unless it's downloaded) and work out the problem, you can answer on the document and use your book for any jottings.



  • Each piece of fruit represents a number.


  • Look carefully at the operation symbols. + - ÷ x


  • If you do the Fantastic challenge, look carefully at the fruit it may be a bunch or singular.


  • If you do the Fantastic challenge, remember BODMAS which is the order in which you do things in a number sentence Brackets Over Division Multiplication Addition Subtraction (do the multiplication part first).

Amazing Challenge 

Incredible Challenge

Fantastic Challenge

Maths Thursday 25th June


Maths Wednesday 24th June

1. Watch the video of how to play Sudoku 

2. Choose your challenge and have a go at the sudoku, remember each row, column and box should have the number 1-4, 1-6 or 1-9 depending on which level you choose.

Maths Tuesday 23rd June

Mark yesterday's work

1. Click on the play button to start the game.

2. Start at level 1 and work your way up.

3. Let us know how you got on by taking a screen shot of your completed jigsaw.

Maths Monday 22nd June

Results of Friday's battle of the band, well done to those that took part.

1. Have a go at completing this number square puzzle


2. Find the missing numbers, you could use the multiplication square from the puzzle to help.

3. Play Times Table Rockstars


Maths Friday 19th June

 1. Mental Maths - Answer the following questions without using jottings.

  • Tip: Use the things you know.
  • e.g __+ 6 = 15... When I look at that I instantly, without really thinking, make links. 6 is made up of 5 and 1 and I can quickly do 15 take away 5 take away 1.
  • There is no correct way exactly 


2. Spend some time playing Times Table Rockstars, it's currently VERY close!

Maths Thursday 18th June

Code breakers, complete your code and email your answer to


There is a 1 day (12 hour) battle of the bands tomorrow. The last battle of the bands was very close.

Maths Wednesday 17th June

Code breakers...

  • You have two days to crack the code (you may want to do 3 words today, 3 tomorrow for example).
  • Choose your challenge (3 is the most challenging). 
  • The document with the jottings and scripts is below the challenges.
  • Use your jottings, write the answer, write the letter.
  • Email the code to on Thursday 18th June. 

Maths Tuesday 16th June

1. Mark yesterday's work.

Solving Problems
1. 37 boxes
2. 34 teams
3. 36 bowls
4. 21 sheets

Enjoy playing 3 of the games on this website


Maths Monday 15th June

1 . Write today's Maths L.O: I can choose the appropriate operation and use the method correctly.


At the bottom of today's work there is a document to help remind you how to do the methods.

2. Complete the one star or two star multiplication questions below.


3. Use bus stop division to answer the following number sentences.

4. Answer the following word problems.

  • Fist decide is it asking you to multiply or divide.
  • Then use the jotting to work out the answer.

Maths Friday 12th June

1 . Below are the answers to Monday's questions, scroll through the document to find the answers for the different star challenges.

2. Write the Maths L.O: I can record and present data in a table and line graph.


When taking my heart rate after exercise, I made a helpful mistake by starting to count by heart beats 10 seconds before the timer got to 5 minutes, I noticed this so only counted up to 5 minutes 20 seconds, then doubled it. If you make a helpful mistake, can you identify it, can you do anything to correct it, if not don't worry.

Maths Thursday 11th June

Write and underline today's Maths L.O: I can estimate volume.

1. Find a relatively accurate way to estimate the height of your room.

2. Explain how you got to your answer.

3. Using the measurements for length, width and height of the room, round your measurements to the nearest metre.

4. Estimate the volume of the room in cubic metres (m3) and cubic centimetres (cm3).


Helpful tips

Volume = Length X Width X height

Maths Wednesday 10th June

Write and underline today's Maths L.O: I can draw a plan view diagram to scale.

Maths Tuesday 9th June

1. For each level play the three different ways (cards down memory, face up time and face up points).

2. To change level and game look at the instructions below the game.

3. Send a picture of your scores!


Click on the link below to take you to the game.

Maths Monday 8th June

1. Write the Maths L.O: I can solve multi-step word problems.

2. If the document isn't quite showing correctly below, you can download it (click 'download document' below the document) and it should be clear.

3. Choose which level of challenge you are going to do (*** is the most challenging)

4. For each question, write the question number so you can mark the answers tomorrow but you don't need to write out the question.

5. Make any notes and jottings, you may need to use multiple methods and jotting for each question.


Maths Friday 5th June

You will need your espresso log in.

Click on the link below and then on the 'Interpreting Data' activities.

Do each activity, to change the activity click on the light blue arrow.

Maths Thursday 4th June

1. Mark yesterday's work.

2. Watch the video on how to download and complete the reflection work. (Hello year 6 as well, I'm used to doing videos for just year 5)

Maths Wednesday 3rd June

1. Yesterday's answer. I have tried to show how it was worked out. the triangles which were the same could be placed together to make half the square therefore were quarters. I knew the bottom left triangle was one eighth because it was half of the imaginary bottom left quarter of the square. Therefore the middle triangle was the remaining fraction to make half. 

2. Write the Maths L.O: I can solve perimeter problems.

3. Write the question number then work out the answer. There is no need to draw the shape.

Maths Tuesday 2nd June

1. Spend 10 minutes on TT Rockstars, I'll be looking out for high scorers.

2. Have a go at the fraction problem below. Label each triangle with what fraction of the square it takes up.

  • You could draw out the shape in your book
  • You could draw the shape on scrap paper and cut them out to reposition them.