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Hall of Fame 

This page is here to celebrate all the great things you've been doing while stuck at home. If your photo appears here, you may have a star stamp (draw a star in your diary) for working hard.

Outstanding Work

If you send in something we think is really special, we might just put it at the top of the page!

Sufyaan's outstanding poetry recital!

Summer 2, Week 7

Summer 2, Week 6

Summer 2, Week 5

Summer 2, Week 4

Summer 2, Week 3

Summer 2, Week 2

Summer 2, Week 1

Summer 1, Week 5

Summer 1, Week 4

Don't forget to keep sending in your pictures everyone!

Summer 1, Week 3

Summer 1, Week 2

Great work everyone! Keep sending in those pictures!

Summer 1, Week 1

Please keep sending your photos, but please...

  • send photos from your school email address if you can.

  • send just one photo of each thing you are photographing.

  • make sure the photos are the right way up if you can.

  • send photos to show your work or other activities that you have been doing, not just photos of you. Of course, you can be in your photo.

  • develop your photography skills. There are lots of tips on youtube.

Here are some more of your photos, starting from the beginning of the Easter holiday. Enjoy...

Stuck at Home - Week 2

Email with your pics. This week, we'd love to see your work from your books, but it would be great to see photos of things you have baked, drawn, made or done aswell. Who will start us off?

Stuck at Home - Week 1