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Useful apps and websites


Below are some apps that will help with your child's number, phonics and language skills. All of these apps are free and they can be downloaded from the app store.

(I Hear Ewe)

This app will help children to learn animal and vehicle sounds. They can click on each picture to hear the sound that the animal/vehicle makes.

(Farm Match)

This app will help children to learn animal sounds and will help to develop their memory.

(123 Numbers)

Within this app, children can trace numbers 1-50, count objects up to 20 and put numbers in order. It will also help them with their number recognition.

I would recommend starting with numbers 1-5, then 1-10.

(ABC Kids)

Within this app, children can trace uppercase and lowercase letters, play matching games with the letters and can learn words that start with each letter.

(Colours and Shapes)

This app will help to teach your child about different colours and shapes. Within the colours section, you can 'paint', sort items by colour and match objects that are the same colour. Within the shapes section, you can play different games whilst matching shapes and trace shapes.

(First Words)

This app will help to develop children's understanding of the world and their language skills. It teaches children new words or reinforces names of objects that they already may know.

(Cbeebies Storytime) 

There are many different stories on this app that children can look at themselves, with an adult or have read to them. Why not explore all of the different stories that are available!

(123 Learning Games)

This app will help your child with number recognition and will help them to count. (This app only allows you to access numbers 1-4 for free).