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Other Activities

Here are some other activities that you could have a go at in the school holidays!

1. You could make your own scented playdough, just follow the instructions in this YouTube video.

2. You could make musical instruments using items that you may already have in your house. You could make shakers (by filling plastic bottles with rice/pasta/dried beans), rattles (by threading buttons or beads onto some string), drums (using wooden spoons to beat onto different tubs or surfaces) or chimes (by hanging up some bottle tops). Below are some pictures to give you an idea!

3. Why not have a go at making hand or footprints with paint. This is a messy activity so make sure you are wearing old clothes and have a washing up bowl of soapy water nearby! This activity is great sensory experience for children and allows them to be creative.

4. You could make your own gloop, it is really simple and you will only need 3 ingredients! Just follow the instructions in this YouTube video.

5. Make bubble snakes. These are so simple to make and your children will enjoy making the bubbles or watching you blow bubbles!

All you will need is:

  • A plastic bottle (with the bottom cut off)
  • An elastic band
  • A sock
  • A dish with washing up liquid mixed with water

6. Make your own finger paint. Can you make a picture using your fingers?

7. Play with bubbles! This can be another way to teach your child new words. For example, use the bubbles to teach them the word 'gone', 'more', 'finished', 'ready steady.... go'.

Bubbles can also encourage children to give eye contact and to use vocal sounds or use sign.

Can your child pop the bubbles with their finger, whole hand or nose? Can they stamp on the bubbles? Can they jump up to pop a bubble?

8. Playing with water. Fill a washing up bowl with soapy water and give your child cups, jugs or anything else that they can use to pour water.

Add some plastic animals, vehicles or dolls and scrubbing brushes/sponges to encourage children to wash the different items!

9. Easter egg hunt! You could hide Easter eggs, plastic eggs, chocolate or just pictures of eggs around the house and garden for your child to find.

If your child will not be able to access this, why not do an egg hunt like the picture below! You do not have to use 'snow', you can use anything that will cover up the eggs such as shredded paper, water or jelly!

10. Do some Easter printing. You could use potatoes or sponges to create different Easter pictures like the ones below!