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Tuesday 2nd February

Please download the document below and read The Gingerbread Man story with your child. Can they tell you any of the story? Do they point at/name the characters? Can they say any of the repeated verses e.g. "Stop! You look good enough to eat!".

Can your child answer these questions:

  • What does the Old Lady do? (Make a Gingerbread Man)
  • What does The Gingerbread Man do? (Run away)
  • Who is running after The Gingerbread Man?
  • Who does The Gingerbread Man see at the river? (The Fox)
  • What does The Fox do? (Eat The Gingerbread Man)

Listen to the 'Count to 10' song and sing along. Can your child count to 10 in the different voices?

Help your child to have a go at The Gingerbread Man game on TopMarks. Can they count the number of buttons on the Gingerbread Man and find the number to match? Can they then count out the correct amount of buttons to match the number?

Click on this link to access the game:

Phonics - Watch this video of Miss O'Connor singing Silly Soup with your child. Help your child make their own silly soup with objects starting with the 's' sound e.g. scissors, spoon, tin of soup.

Spring 1

This half term we are reading and learning about The Gingerbread Man.

Watch the video of Miss O'Connor reading The Gingerbread Man. Can you name any of the characters? Can you join in with the repeated verses of the story?

Can you remember what happens at the end of the story... who eats the gingerbread man?

Listen to the Gingerbread Man song on YouTube that we have been listening to in school. Can you sing along with the chorus?

Listen to the 5 Gingerbread Men song. Can you count the gingerbread men when they are on the tray? Can you show this many on your fingers?

Whilst at home, you can practice your counting to 5 or 10. You can count anything... your toys, books, pencils! Watch this video first then have a go at doing some counting at home. Can you show the numbers on your fingers?

You could also have a go at making your own gingerbread men. Here is a recipe that you could use.

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