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Pictures sent in from home:

Maurel has been busy playing with his sand tray, it looks like he is having lots of fun!

Thank you to Maurel's mum who sent in these pictures, it is so lovely to see what activities you are doing at home! I would love to see some more children doing some activities too!

Summer 2 Week 1

(Week Beginning 2nd June)

Magic Bag

Sing the magic bag song to your child, then encourage them to choose an item from the bag. Encourage your child to name the object. Sing the corresponding song to the item that has been picked out of the bag. Try to encourage your child to sing, say some words from the rhyme, or do some actions from the songs!

Watch Miss O'Connor sing magic bag on the 'Songs and Videos' page!


This week, choose from the following activities to do with your child:

  • Watch this song all about colours! Can your child name any of the colours? 
  • Choose some of the colour flashcards from your pack and find some objects that are the same colour. Lay out the coloured flashcards and give your child the coloured objects. Model how to match the object to the coloured flashcard and encourage your child to pick an item and do the same (like the picture shown below). You could also print out the flashcards again or create your own and encourage your child to match the coloured flashcards together. (You can download these from the document below).
  • Watch Mr Tumble sing ‘I can sing a rainbow’ and learn the Makaton signs for the colours.
  • You can also watch this video from ‘Singing hands’ to teach your child the Makaton signs for colours.
  • You could also make a toilet roll light projector. Watch this video from Hirstwood Training to show you how to do it. You could create projections for your child using different colours and patterns!

Snack Time

Encourage your child to ask for their snack using either words, sounds and/or gestures and to sit down whilst they eat. (Snack board in pack provided is optional although this is what is used at school). At school, we also encourage children to sign/say ‘please’.

Number Activity/Song

Choose from the following activities to do with your child:

  • If you have Lego, Duplo or other coloured blocks/bricks, see if your child can create towers using all of the same colour. Can they select all of the reds for example, and create a tower? If you do not have access to blocks, you could use counters or anything else you can find to stack that is the same colour.
  • Using your blocks/counters, create a pattern with them or print a pattern using paint. Encourage your child to copy the pattern using the blocks/counters. An example is shown below.
  • If you don’t have blocks or bricks, you could use coloured beads. You could again use paint and create prints of the beads in a pattern and encourage your child to match the beads to the pattern. You could also get them to thread beads onto string in a pattern. You may need to create more simple patterns than the ones shown below, for example using just 2 colours or only printing 2 or 3 beads.
  • Using coloured blocks or bricks, make a very simple model. Show this to your child – can they copy it? If not, can they copy you as you make the model? An example is shown below. Again, you may need to simplify this depending on the level of your child.

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Have a go at experimenting with colours this week. You could use different materials for this including paint in a bag, coloured ice cubes or playdough.

For the paint in the bag, put 2 colours of paint in a sealed sandwich bag and let your child mix it around and see what colour they create.

You could also use playdough to do some colour mixing. (Go to ‘previous work’ page for a playdough recipe). I would suggest making the primary colours for your child to mix together.

You could also use coloured ice cubes. Freeze some water with food colouring in different colours. Then when frozen, let your child choose 2 different colours to add to warm water and see what happens!


Watch Mrs Huby do a colour experiment with skittles. You could recreate this at home.

You will need:



Hot water

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