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Pictures sent in from home:

Maurel has been busy playing with his sand tray, it looks like he is having lots of fun!

Thank you to Maurel's mum who sent in these pictures, it is so lovely to see what activities you are doing at home! I would love to see some more children doing some activities too!

Summer 2 Week 7

(Week Beginning 13th July)


This week I will be sending out another pack of activities for your child that could be used over the summer holidays. I will get these to you by Friday 17th!

This week, complete any activities from your pack that you haven't already. I hope you have enjoyed the activities and if you have any pictures that you would like to send or if you would just like to send me a message, please email

Miss O'Connor :)

Activities from your packs

You could sing the magic bag song to your child, then encourage them to choose an item from the bag. Encourage your child to name the object. Sing the corresponding song to the item that has been picked out of the bag. Try to encourage your child to sing, say some words from the rhyme, or do some actions from the songs!

Watch Miss O'Connor sing magic bag on the 'Songs and Videos' page!

Have a go at using the laminated pencil control sheet with your whiteboard pen. Can your child trace the shapes? Can they copy the different shapes? If this is too difficult, gently take your child's hand and show them how to hold the pen and trace over the different shapes. You may also want to practice drawing different shapes and lines on a larger scale. You could use chalk on the ground outside or use your finger in glitter/sand or any other material you can find!

Have a go at the colour matching activity provided in your pack. You will need to cut the different shapes out so that your child can sort them into the correct box. Can your child name the colours or sign the colours? Can they find anything else around the house that are these colours?

Use the star that was provided in your pack to make your own 'twinkle twinkle little star'. You could also use some tinfoil to make it shiny like a star. Encourage your child use the glue and stick the materials down independently. If you add a lollypop stick to the back of your star, you will have your own twinkle twinkle little star stick puppet! You could then sing twinkle twinkle little star with your child.


Encourage your child to ask for their snack using either words, sounds and/or gestures and to sit down whilst they eat. (Snack board in pack provided is optional although this is what is used at school). At school, we also encourage children to sign/say ‘please’.


There will be a new selection of songs here each week provided by Mr Sherman. Have a listen! :)

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