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Summer 1 Week 1

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Friday 24th April 2020

Good Morning Nursery and welcome to Friday!

We have loved receiving photographs of what you have been doing at home. Please keep them coming into the nursery email address.

Our STARS of the Week are: 

Maheen and Zakariyya for telling us that you have been busy doing the activities on the website.

Azaan Shakeel, Ellianna and Salah Uddin for sending in photos of what they have been busy making at home! Fantastic work everybody! Well done!

Bubble fun!

 Mrs Christensen had lots of fun making bubbles and bubble wands at home. It was all really easy to make. Click on the video below to find out how!


1/2 cup of washing up liquid

1 cup and 1/2 of water (Top tip: pour the water in very slowly!)

2 teaspoons of caster sugar.  

Mix it together and leave for 1 hour to set.


Listen to Mrs Christensen read Owl Babies!

You could talk about these things with your child as you listen to the story:

  • Talk to your child about where owls live. Point to twigs, leaves and feathers that make up their nest.
  • Talk to your child about the kind of food that owls like to eat e.g. mice, rabbits or birds.
  • Why not count the baby owls together by counting at each one and saying '1 baby owl,' '2 baby owls' and '3 baby owls.' Use your finger to count each number. Discuss the different sizes 'small,' 'medium,' 'large.'
  • Talk about the sorts of things that the baby owls may hear moving through the woods e.g. foxes, birds, bats. Discuss that these animals and the owls are awake at night but asleep during the day.


Why not have a go at making your own owl painting?

You will need some pom-poms, a peg, paint and paper.

Click on the picture below to link you directly to a website to show you how to make it!


Have you got some soft toys that you can count and put into size order? These dogs need putting into size order. Can you explain how?

Physical and Rhyme

Are you ready to dance along to the Old MacDonald had a farm rhyme and do the animal noises? Have fun!

Thursday 23rd April 2020

Good morning everybody and welcome to Thursday!

Please keep emailing your photographs in directly to the Nursery email because tomorrow we will showcase the best work that we have been sent and you will be our STARS of the week! You may even get a special mention in Mrs Pullen's Friday Well Done assembly!

Have a great day everyone

Mrs Christensen


Are you ready to do the animal bop? Click on the image below to dance and sing along.



 Can you join Mrs Christensen in reading What the Ladybird heard next? The two greedy robbers Hefty Hugh and Lanky Len are back again! What animal will they try to steal from the farm this time?


 Can you match the animals to their homes on this Education City game? Click on the image to play.


Have you got some toy animals that you can count? Can you sort them into piles- farm animals/zoo animals. Or sort them by how many legs they have? 

Wednesday 22nd April 2020

Good morning everybody and welcome to Wednesday!

It was so lovely to speak to so many of you on the telephone yesterday - we miss you all so much and can't wait to see you back in Nursery.

I hope you having fun with the activities and don't forget to send us some pictures of what you have been doing. Every Friday we will showcase the best work that we have been sent and you will be our STARS of the week!


Have a great day everyone.

Mrs Ward


Today we are going to wake up, shake up and get our bodies moving!


Here is a video of me, Ruby and Jack acting out the 5 Little Monkeys song. I hope you will have a go and let me know how you have done!



Phonics is about listening to sounds, recognising and naming sounds and also making sounds. Join in with this song and try to make the different noises that the animals make. 


This game is similar to yesterday's game but instead of finding the animals by their name you have to find them by the sound that the make. 

This is another phonics activity as the aim is to develop listening skills and recognise and name familiar sounds. 

Click on the picture to play:



This is the story that Mrs Ward read but turned into a song (no - it is not Mrs Ward singing!)

See if you can join in with the words or just clap along and move your body to the music. Maybe you could make up some actions for the animals.

Tuesday 21st April 2020

 Good morning everyone. How are you today? Did you manage to get back to a routine yesterday?

I had some lovely emails from a few children with pictures showing me what they had been up to - I will post these soon. Keep sending your emails and photographs; it's lovely to see you all.


Today's activties are below and the weather is looking lovely so get out in the garden or go for a walk in the sunshine if you can! Maybe you could look for some signs of Spring.

Have a good day everyone and stay safe.

Mrs Ward

Physical Activity

Let's start with some Yoga today


Click on the link or the picture to complete the activity below. You will need to listen carefully to the animal sounds. Can you name them all?


Language and Communication

This game on Education City asks you find certain animals and click on them when you see them. It will help you to recognise different animals and know their names.

*Please get in touch if you are having trouble accessing Education City


I spy with my little eye...

How many cows can you see?

How many ducks can you see?

How many tractors can you see?

How many ducklings can you see?

How many dogs can you see?


Can you join in with me today?
Maybe you can help me with animal sounds!



Monday 20th April 2020

 Good morning everyone and welcome back! I hope that you have a nice, if not slightly unusual Easter least the sun has been shining! 

I have been out for lots of walks with my family and have been busy thinking of lots of lovely ideas to keep you going whilst school is still closed.

It has been lovely to speak to some of you on the telephone over the past few weeks. If you have not yet received a call from a member of the Nursery team, we will continue to make calls this week. Our calls will show as unknown numbers so please try to answer if you can!

As always if you need any support with anything please do not hesitate to contact us by telephoning the main school office or emailing us at


Below are the activties for today. Have fun! 

Mrs Ward

Physical Development

Let's get our fingers warmed up and ready to go!

Nursery Rhymes

Our nursery rhyme this week is Old Macdonald had a Farm. Click on the link to listen to the song. We would like you to practise naming all of the farm animals this week. Can you think of any others that are not in the song? (A clue...there are some more in this weeks story)


Our number rhyme this week is 5 Little Monkeys. Click on the link to listen to the song. Then find your monkey puppets from you pack, make them and use them to sing the song again. 


Get creative!

On the BookTrust website you can find lots of lovely interactive books to read online or watch with signing. There are also number games, coloring and shape games, as well as some other simple interactive activities. It is well worth a look! Have fun!

Just click on the website link below.



Keep in touch...

It would be lovely to hear from some of you to hear how you are getting on. Leave a comment in the box below if you want to share anything that you have done already or if you just want to say hello :)

*Please note your comments are not private and may be seen by others - if you want to send a private message please send via for the attention of Mrs Ward or Mrs Christensen. Thank you 


Please feel free to sign our guestbook and leave a comment...

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