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We will making weekly phone calls to see how you are all doing and to check that you are able to access the online learning. 

We will miss seeing you in Gems but please stay safe at home until we can return. We would love to see all the lovely things that you are doing at home so please send photographs to the early years email below.

take care

Mrs Anderson, Miss Zafar and Gems team.

Friday 5th March 2021

 Good morning Gems.

What a busy week we have had and have learnt so many things, putting on our coat, our hat, our shoes, we are sure you have done a fantastic job getting dressed all by yourself. Fox is getting ready to go out but he can't find his socks - Watch the video below to find out where they are!

Just like Fox Mrs Anderson and her little helper are getting ready to play out, sing along and join them putting on your coat, hat and boots!

Did you put on your coat, hat, boots all by yourself? well done. Lets see if the children in our song can get dressed too!

See the video below for techniques on teaching your child how to get dressed.

And finally we can't wait to see you all back in Gems on Monday 8th March we are really looking forward to seeing you all again - Have a lovely week-end see you Monday!

World Book Day

Thursday 4th March 2021

 Good morning Gems.

We have read lots of stories and looked at a lot of books and today is a very exciting day it's World Book Day, so sit back and relax and listen to today's story Hippo Has a Hat, watch carefully to see what all the other animals dress up in.

What is your favourite story? Who would you like to dress up as? Sharing books is fun choose your favourite book, look carefully at the pictures and talk about what you can see.

Time to get ready from head to toe and get dressed for the day, look outside and pick your clothes and sing along to today's song.

Wednesday 3rd March 2021

 Good morning Gems.

We have been trying really hard getting dressed ourselves. Can you put on your shoes?

What are your favourite shoes? In our story today a little boy needs new shoes,

I wonder what pair he will pick, what would you choose?

 Bobby's favourite were the green shoes, which pair did you like the best? Can you put on your own shoes just like Bobby? Can you put on your own coat? Watch Mrs Anderson to find out how to put on your coat and wellington boots.

Have a go at putting on your coat just like Mrs Anderson and join in with today's Getting dressed song.

Tuesday 2nd March 2021

 Good morning Gems.

Have you been practicing getting dressed all by yourself?

Listen to Mrs Anderson read the story Getting Ready is this what you do when you get ready in a morning?

Let's think about what to wear in different weather, join in with the sorting activity below then play it at home.

Did you guess which clothes to wear when it's cold and when it's hot?

Have fun singing along and doing actions to the song 'This is the way we get dressed'.

Monday 1st March 2021

Good morning Gems.

We hope you had a lovely weekend, This week we are going to be thinking about all the things that we can do all by ourselves, especially getting dressed, Today's story is called All by Myself, listen to Mrs Anderson read the story below, I wonder what the little boy in the story can do all by himself.

Can you do any of the things by yourself that the little boy in the story did? Have a look outside, what is the weather like? rainy, sunny, hot, cold? what will you wear today? Lets see what our weather bear is going to put on to play outside today.

What will you wear today?

Can you dress yourself?

Watch the video and join in with the song and actions Lets get Dressed! 

Friday 26th Febraury 2021

 Good morning Gems.

What would you do with a box?

Let's find out what the children in our story today do with their boxes.

So much fun, so many things to make and journey's to explore - all from a box!

Mrs Anderson has got a large cardboard box I wonder what game she will play today.

Did you guess the toys in Mrs Andersons box?

What could she do with the box? what would you do?

For inspiration for great ideas of what you could do with your box. 

Watch the video below.

Thursday 25th Febraury 2021

Good morning Gems.

Did you have fun playing the headband game?

Did you use lots of new words to describe the animals?

I wonder what our next story will be about, can you guess what is making the sounds? Time to watch and find out.


Did you listen carefully and guess the animals by the sound they made? 

Turn on your good listening ears and listen to the following sounds, what could they be?

I really enjoyed that listening game did you? did you guess what the different sounds were? see if you can guess our rhyme today.

Wednesday 24th Febraury 2021

Good morning Gems.

I hope you enjoyed playing the feely box game what did you feel inside your box?

Today's story is all about a child who writes to the zoo to send him a pet, lots of boxes arrive with animals inside what animals could they be?

I'm so glad they sent a puppy, I don't think all the other animals would have made a good pet do you! Do you have a pet? What pet do you have?

What could be in the magic bag today?

We are very good at using our words in Gems aren't we. Time to put all the things you know about the animals in our stories into words to see if you can guess what the animals might be in this fun game. Watch Mrs Anderson in the video to see how to play.

Tuesday 23rd Febraury 2021

Good morning Gems.

Did you enjoy yesterday's story?

It was fun watching mouse, cat and dog wonder what was in the box, did you know it was empty? In today's story Annie and Flora receive a box, I wonder what is inside, let's watch to find out.

I wonder what was really in the box, do you think all those animals were inside or were the girls just using their imagination and pretending,. Let's find out what rhyme is in our magic bag today.

Have you guessed what the box we decorated yesterday is for? 

I wonder if you're right, watch Mrs Anderson in the video to see!

Monday 22nd Febraury 2021

 Good morning Gems.

We hope you had a lovely half term and were able to do lots of lovely things.

Did you go to the park?

What did you see, hear, touch?

Time to do some really good thinking listen to Mrs Anserson read the story 'what's in the box?

Watch carefully what do you think is in the box?

Did you guess? I wonder what rhyme will come out of our magic bag! Lets find out!

I hope you joined in with the actions to our rhyme. Mrs Anderson is decorating a box I wonder what it could be for?

Friday 12th Febraury 2021

Good morning Gems.

I hope you have had lot's of fun this week doing all the activities we like to play. We love to play outside in Gems don't we and it's important for you to get lots of fresh air and exercise. Today's story is all about going outside and thinking about all the things you see, hear and touch.

Why don't you go for a walk or to the park,

What can you see, hear, feel?

Can you remember this weeks rhyme?

That's right little stars it's Twinkle Twinkle little star sing along to the video below.

Time for a treat after all your hard work join Mrs Anderson as she shows you how make a lovely healthy snack. Have fun and enjoy!

Thursday 11th Febraury 2021

Good morning Gems.

We have been reading stories all about starting Nursery school and have seen what fun you can have, all the lovely things you can play and make, doing the things you love. When coming to school it is so important you go to bed and have a good nights sleep, today's story is all about a little girl who say's she is not sleepy and will not go to bed, let's find out what happens!

Well Lola went to bed in the end didn't she, what do you do at bedtime?

Join in with the rhyme below all about sleeping bunnies.

That was fun the little bunnies did go to sleep and so had lots of energy to hop when they woke up. In my story about Lola I read to you from a den I'd made,

watch below to see how to make your own den.

Wednesday 10th Febraury 2021

 Good morning Gems.

Did you like the fairy dough Mrs Anderson made? 

Have you been able to make any yet? You will love the smell!

Lulu and Harry both loved going to nursery with so many things to play. I wonder if  Puddle duckling is happy when it's time for him to start duckling school. What do you think? Let's find out.

Puddle was a little worried that he wasn't big enough to start school but was very brave wasn't he and went and had a lovely time. Sometimes we might worry that we can't do something but don't worry we are all good at something. What are you good at?

Watch the song below to see what the animals are good at.

We love to play in the sand at Gems, you may not have sand at home so Mrs Anderson is making coloured rice that you can dig with, pour, fill cups, we think you will like it, and have such fun playing with.

Tuesday 9th Febraury 2021

Good morning Gems.

Did you make mummy or daddy a cup of tea? 

Did you feed your dolly and make her food? 

Yesterday we read a story all about a little girl called Lulu who was starting Nursery. Today's story is all about a little boy called Harry who is starting school. Watch Mrs Anderson in the video to find out who Harry took to school with him.

Harry took his favourite toy dinosaurs to school their made him feel happy. Have you got a favourite toy? What is it? Join the children in the action rhyme below to see what they do on their way to school!

How do you come to school? Do you walk, run, jump? 

We love playdough in Gems, but Mrs Anderson has made a special fairy dough - Watch the video to see how to make it!

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