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We will making weekly phone calls to see how you are all doing and to check that you are able to access the online learning. 

We will miss seeing you in Gems but please stay safe at home until we can return. We would love to see all the lovely things that you are doing at home so please send photographs to the early years email below.

take care

Mrs Anderson, Miss Zafar and Gems team.

Friday 15th January 2021

Good Morning Gems. Watch Mrs Anderson make our favourite... Playdough! Have fun making it at home.

This week we have thought about how things feel, we have felt objects, did they feel soft or hard. We thought about how we feel too, feelings like happy or sad. Listen to Timmy and friends sing a song about soft and hard things. They look happy!

Click on the video below. 

Thursday 14th January 2021

Good Morning Gems 

Join Mrs Anderson singing one of our favourite rhymes 'Five Little Monkey's'.

I wonder how the monkey's felt when they bumped their head?

Watch Murray and friends from sesame street playing 'Name that Emotion'.

Can you guess how they feel?.

Wednesday 13th January 2021

Good Morning Gems

We have been thinking about how things feel, today we are going to think about how we feel. Watch Mrs Anderson read a story about feelings in the video below.

Watch and listen to the feelings and emotions songs on the videos below.

How do you feel?

Today why don't you have a look in the mirror and pull lots of different faces like happy face, sad face, angry face.

We would love to see photographs of the different faces you pull!

Please email us at


Tuesday 12th January 2021

Good Morning Gems yesterday Mrs Anderson read a story all about a little girl called Mary who played a game with her friends feeling things in a bag and trying to guess what they were. Watch Mrs Anderson play her own feely game in the video below.

Can you help her guess?.

Watch the video below to listen to a song all about how things feel.

Monday 11th January 2021

Good Morning Gems hope you had a good week-end. This week we are thinking about how things feel and how we are feeling. Enjoy listening to Mrs Anderson read the story 'Feel' in the video below.

You can play the feely game in the story in different ways. Watch the video below to see how this family played the game.

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