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Summer 2 Week

Friday 17th July

Boys and girls its your last day of home learning! Well done you have all worked so hard and we are so proud of you.

As it is your last day of home learning we will be having a little celebration. Lets begin with a dance party to warm our bodies up.

This week you have been doing lots of work for your new teachers. They really wanted to say hello . So here they are....

Thursday 15th July

Mrs Troy loves to eat snacks and today she is going to practise taking away with snack. Can you try?

Write your number sentences out.

Wednesday 14th July

Ready steady go....

Tuesday 13th July

Here is Tuesdays workout I hope you enjoy it !

All of the teacher in Reception Class have been so proud of you. We want you to think of all of the things you have achieved in Reception Class . Write a list of I can ..... statement. For example, I can write a word. I can make fantastic models .


Monday 12th July

Happy Monday everyone. We can't believe we only have 1 week left of home learning. We are so proud of you all for carrying on your learning at home and sending in your work. 

It's time for us to get our bodies warmed up.

Here is Mrs Ramsden reading a story about a curious caterpillar. This will help you to think about Year One and how it might feel, but don't worry soon you will know who your new teacher is gong to be. You will get to see your new teacher by video on here this week so keep watching.

Let's share some of your fantastic writing with your new teachers . Don't forget to make sure your writing is clear and has finger spaces so your new teacher can read it. Here is a sound mat to help you .

Make this fun bowling game to practise taking away.