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Summer 2 Week 6

Friday 10th July

Enzo the Bee . I bet you can guess what one of today's mini beast might be?

Mrs Ramsden has really enjoyed reading to you this week. What was your favourite mini beast?

You can make lots of yummy treats with honey. Let's see what Mrs Troy has made!

Can you think of your favourite food? how would you make it and what ingredient would you need?

Thursday 9th July

Start your day stretching like a bug!

Mrs Ramsden who will you be reading about today?

Have you got your listening ears switched on? let's see if we can guess what mini beast Mrs Troy is describing. 

Here are some examples

Wednesday 8th July

Let's go marching!

Can you guess what mini beast we will be looking at today?

Tuesday 7th July

Did you have fun on your mini beast hunt yesterday?

How many did you find?

let'start our day warming up with a spider man workout.

Monday 6th July

I wonder what Mini beasts Mrs Ramsden will be talking about today?

use the link below to play Robot Addition

Look at these lovely rock bugs . Could you find a pebble and create your own?

We hope you have all had a lovely weekend!

Over the next two weeks we will be learning all about minibeasts. Something lots of you loved to do before we finished school was search for minibeasts, so I  think you will like this topic.

Let's see what insects Andy can find under ground.

Mrs Ramsden will be reading the story

Mad About MiniBeasts this week.