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Summer 2 Week 4 

Friday 26th June

Friday fun time keep fit!

Here is Mrs Troy reading the story  of 'Jack and the Beanstalk' again. This time see if you can join in with some of the words. 

The last part of the story is missing. Your job today is to write a different ending to the story.

The Giant has been very greedy!!

Try writing the missing numbers . If it was too easy challenge yourself to fill in the missing numbers from the hundred square.

Thursday 25th June

Mrs Huby and her family decided that it was time to let the little frogs go . We have really loved watching them growing and changing.

See Mrs Huby say goodbye to the frogs. 

let's get fit!

Use the images below to write a sentences about each part of the story and put them in the right order.

Use the helping hand to guide you.

Ms Kucharska has made her own game in the garden using a large roll of paper.

Add numbers to your game to help you to learn to recognise and order.

Wednesday 24th June


The weather has been warm but we still need to keep fit. So let's do some stretching today instead. 

Here is Mrs Ramsden and her grandchildren acting out the story. Can you guess what characters they are going to be?

How far did you get your beanstalk to go from yesterdays task? 10 ? 20? 40? 50? 

send us your pictures

Let's have a go at ordering some random number today. Click on the clink below to play the game. 

Tuesday 23rd June

Lets get active!

Today we are thinking about the setting of the story. Can you make a castle? Use any resources that you would like.

Look at Mrs Troys castle . She used Lego!

See if you can label all the parts of the castle.

Use the sound mat to find the correct digraphs.

"t- ow-er"

Monday 22nd June 


Mrs Huby has continued to film the tadpoles growing and changing. Can you see what has happened to them now?

Now lets see what is happening this week.

Are you ready to get moving?

Over the next few weeks we will be listening to Jack And The Beanstalk and learning about growing. Please email us with all of your lovely work we really enjoy looking at it.

Ask your child these higher order questions to help them really think about the story.

Who was the main character?

Explain why you think Jack stole from the Giant?

Was what he did right?

How are Jack and the Giant similar?

What might have happened if Jack’s mum hadn't chopped the beanstalk down?

Can you talk about a time when you climbed something that was high up? How did it feel?


Here is a hundred square to help you if you get stuck!