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Summer 2 Week 3

Friday 19th June

Yippee its Friday who is today's super star! Check out Mrs Swales's video.

Stretch and do some yoga and listen to a story about 'Lulu the Lioness' 

Sing and join in with a song about walking in the jungle.

Here are some craft ideas to make.  What will you make?

Enjoy and have fun making!

Thursday 18th June

Andy is ready for his workout go and join in the fun.  Don't forget to warm up.

Today we are going to listen to  'Walking Through the Jungle'. Predict ( what you think might happen) what will he see?

Write what you can see in the picture. Use your sound mat to write the  letters correctly.  Remember to stretch the sounds in the words you want to write, you might need to use your digraphs.

Look at the animals at the wildlife park. Look at the flashcards.  What numbers can you see? Challenge yourself by adding the tickets. Use your number line or your fingers to add.

Here's a cool way of making some binoculars.  You can watch the video to help you.  

Wednesday 17th June

We hope you are all well and happy. Before we start our day have a look at what some children  have been doing at home.

Cosmic Yoga is getting ready to go on a safari... are you ready to go!

Today listen and sign the Animal Boogie story.

Today we are thinking about 'difference'.  Try it and see if you can do it.

Look at these craft ideas today.  Which one will you do?

Tuesday 16th June

Get ready to do some yoga with Jaime.  She is going on a safari.  I wonder what she will see?

Watch Animal Boogie.  Can you remember all the animals?

Make a list of all the animals you saw in Animal Boogie. Try and sit your letters on the lines and remember to write your letters correctly.

Today we are going to estimate.  Look at leopard 1. Without counting have a ‘good guess’ at working out how many spots there are.  Write your estimate down.  Now count the number of spots.  How accurate was your guess? This is how we estimate, it's a rough idea to how many you think there are.  Estimate the number of spots for leopard 2. Remember it's not about being exactly right.

Have a go at making some of the animals from Animal Boogie with  tubes.  Look at some of the ideas to help you. Have fun!

Monday 15th June

Good morning everyone.  This week we will be reading stories about jungle animals, estimating, camouflage and adding number of objects.

Let's start with some jungle movements.

Listen to 'Animal Boogie'.  Tell your adult what you can see. Have a go at moving like them. 

Look at the animals in the picture.  Can you sort them into farm and jungle animals.

Now we are going to think about the prints our feet make.  You can see animal footprints.  Can you find footprints for animals that live in the jungle? They are all different sizes and shapes. 

Draw around the feet of your family and order them.  What words can you use to describe the size of the footprints?  Who has the smallest, biggest feet? 

Look at the animals dancing.  Can you make your own dance?