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Summer 2 Week 1


Friday 5th June

Work out time!

Mrs Huby will use the contents page again to find out some more information. You wont believe what has happened to the tadpoles now. Take a look..... 

I thought we could make a fun life cycle today . Even one that we could eat !! Have a go.

When you have made it write some instructions on how you made it and send them to me, so that I can have a go with Blossom and Holly. You might choose to use different food . Use your imagination.

You could write a list of ingredients that you used to make yours.

Click the link below to play Toy shop money game.

Thursday 4th June

Fun family cardio 

Come on everyone let's do this together

Let's see what other information we can find out today from Mrs Huby's new book. 


Take a look at the tadpoles now!

Can you have a go at making your own frog life cycle book. You could label your pictures or write some things about what you have learnt. Don't forget to carefully sound out words and write the correct sounds.

Holly and Blossom have made a pretend shop with some toys and items from around the house.  Can you try this at home? Don't forget your shop will need signs and price labels so that people know how much the items cost. 

When you are paying try and use the correct coins by looking at the numbers. You could try buying two items together and adding up how much they will cost.

Wednesday 3rd June

Good Morning let's get jumping!

Look some of our children have made some signs for the pond. Can you have a go?

Mrs Huby is so excited a new book arrived in the post today!

Pause the video at the contents page and help your child to read the contents.

Can you have a go at making your own life cycle? Here is an idea but you can use your own imagination.

Tuesday 2nd June

Welcome back to home learning . We hope you have had a lovely relaxing holiday and for anyone cerebrating Eid we hope it was really special. Please send us some photos. 

This week in Literacy we are  going to be learning about frogs and butterflies and in Numeracy we will be learning about Money.

Lets start the day off with some exercising with Frank the Frog!

Listen to the story

Growing Frogs

Here is Mrs Huby and her family collecting tadpoles so that they can grow their own frogs!

Mrs Huby has been watching how the tadpoles have changed over a few weeks so keep watching and see what happens this week!

Did you notice that the sign in the pond was broken?  What do you think it might have said? why does it say that and what does it mean?

Now make your own sign to go next to the pond so Mrs Huby can suggest your ideas to the park keeper! Don't forget your sign needs to be clear and keep your letters big so everyone can read it! 

Ask your adults for some coins to investigate . Have a go at coin rubbings!


                           Place coins on a flat surface

                            Place paper over the top

Hold paper in place

Rub crayon over the top

(wax crayon works well laid on its side)

Look at and talk about the shapes and sizes of each coin. What numbers can you see on the coins?