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Summer 2 Week 2


Friday 12th June

WOW last day today. Don't forget to see well done assembly.  Will you be a super star this week?  Check Mrs Swales's video.

Stretch your body and try these yoga poses.

Listen to a story about a caterpillar and look at the changes that take place.   

Today we are going to learn 'qu' sound.  Click on the link to play.

Look at the shapes and see if you can find the line of symmetry in this game.  

Are you ready to play a board game?  Draw it out and have a go at playing it.  Can you remember some of the doubles?

Thursday 11th June

Good morning everyone.

There is so much to see and do so let's have a look.

First let's go and see Cosmic Yoga and see Coco the Butterfly that's because something exciting has happened to our chrysalis!

Here are some photographs of what's been happening.

Day 15. Now watch the video and see what happened.


Have a go at the doubling the spots on the butterflies.  Use your good counting guide to help with accurate counting.

Easy peasy doubling numbers to 10 then why not  challenge yourself with numbers to 20! Play Hit the Button. Click on the picture below.

Wednesday 10th June

Get your tippy toes ready to move!!

Have a look at all this super work :)  Can you find your work? Well done ... we are so proud of you!!

It's now been day 5 since the caterpillars have been inside the chrysalis. Which of the caterpillars will hatch into a butterfly first? 1...2...3...4 or 5?

Have a look and see what is happening inside a chrysalis.

We can see symmetry every where.  Below are some pictures. Something is symmetrical when it is the same on both sides. A shape has symmetry if a line of symmetry (a mirror line) can be drawn on it, to show that both sides of the shape are exactly the same.

OR you might like to do a symmetrical printing.  Once your printing is dry draw an outline of a butterfly and cut it out.  

Watch and see what the Number Blocks are doing... it's double trouble!!

Tuesday 9th June

Let's start with a fun game 'freeze and move' to get our bodies ready:)

Day 7 - WOW!! Look what's been happening to the caterpillars. Our caterpillar has reached full size, they are making webs.  Why do you think that?  Tell your adult.

Day 9 - They're grabbing the inside of the lid with their lower legs and holding tightly. They use silk to help attach their bodies to the lid and to spin an intricate cocoon or a chrysalis of silk around their bodies. 

The caterpillars have made cocoons. Draw a picture of the cocoon and write what you think will happen next?

While we are learning about caterpillars and butterflies we are also going to be learning about symmetry. What's symmetry?

Yesterday we looked at how we can double the number of objects.  Did you have a go? Look at how Hadiya and I were doubling at home with coins. Let us know how you got on.

Monday 8th June

Hope you've had a fun packed weekend with your family! Let's see what we are going to be learning this week:) 

This week we are  going to be learning about caterpillars and butterflies, symmetry and how we can double number of objects.

As we are going to be learning about caterpillars and butterflies let's start with some yoga to do with a very hungry caterpillar... ready steady GO!

Mrs Dickinson and Ben have been looking after some caterpillars.  Have a look at the pictures.

They were very very tiny when they arrived but now they are getting bigger and fatter by the day. Why are they getting fat? What are they eating?

Here is a story about a Very Hungry Caterpillar.  Listen and find out what happened to him

What do you think is going to happen to our caterpillars? Why not write and email us your thoughts.

In our number work we are learning how to double.

Double means to get the same number of objects again, twice or 2 lots of. Watch the video to learn about doubling.

Adults when you are doubling with your children help them to count out (concrete) or draw pictures/shapes (pictorial) to work out the answer. Have a look at some of the ideas below to help you.