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Summer 1 Week 4

Friday 14th May 2020

Yeah it's Friday!!Are you ready to get your bodies moving.  Get up and dance or like Peppa pig swance:) with all the reception teachers. It's all happening under the sea!

Watch and see how Mrs Kucharska, George, Emily and Jack are painting an under the sea scene on their window.  You can do it too, don't forget to label the creatures so we know what they are.

Are you good at listening? Watch and listen to  Mrs Huby and her family playing a describing game.

Thursday 14th May 2020

Well done everyone your all working so hard. Don't forget to email your work to us.  We really enjoy seeing the things you are doing.

Let's wake up and get ready for some fun, it's the Baby Shark Dance.  Can you guess which sea creature we will be thinking about today?

Here are some shark facts today.  Look out for the tricky words, count and see how many you can read. Which is your favourite shark fact. 

Today we are going to think about the 'sh' digraph.  Watch Mrs Huby and see what action we make for the 'sh' sound. Make a list of all things that have 'sh' digraph in.

If your feeling a bit tired then cosy up and have a rest and listen to a story.

Wednesday 13th May 2020

Hello Everyone!! What did you enjoy doing yesterday? I wonder which sea creatures we will think about today. 

Let's get started with Cosmic Yoga and find out about Nibs the Octopus

Do you know ...


Watch the short 'Finding Nemo' video

What kind of fish was Nemo?

Who helped Marvin when he was looking for Nemo?

Which sea creature had sharp teeth?

Where was the fish tank?

How did Nemo feel when he got lost?

Tuesday 12th May 2020

Let's get moving and see what Andy is doing. Watch out which sea creatures can you see!

Have a go at reading and finding some words in the wordsearch.  You will need to stretch the sounds in the words.

Time to get creative.  Watch the little boy make an ocean in a bottle.  What will you put in your bottle?

Monday 11th May 2020

Good Morning Everyone! Hope you all had a good bank holiday weekend.

Let's get ready to swim with Boogie Beebies.

This week we are going to continue to think about and make lots of under the sea creatures. Which sea creature do you like?

Do you know ...

A jelly fish has no brain, heart, bones, or eyes.  The jellyfish's mouth is in the centre of its body. It uses its tentacles to sting its prey and then gobbles it up.

Choose a sea creature,draw and label it.

Have a go at making a jelly fish.  You will need a paper plate, scissors, glue, and a hole punch. What will you use for the tentacles ...ribbon, tissue paper or wool. Count how many tentacles your jelly fish has. Have a look at some of the ideas below, have fun!