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.Friday 15th January


What a exciting day it might have been for some of you yesterday playing in the snow . Did you build a snowman? Where has the snow gone today? What makes it disappear?



Did you notice that there is a pet that we didn't read about from our book?


Look at the contents page again in the last video. What pet have you not seen yet?  Here is a clue...

Now make your own rabbit dance up.

Some people call these pet rabbits, bunnies like in the song. A bunny is usually a smaller rabbit and when it gets older its called a rabbit.

Did you know baby rabbits can also be called kittens!

Say Hello to Snoopy the rabbit.

Watch Snoopy's nose. Can you see what his nose is doing? Can you do it with your nose?  What are those long bits at the side of his cheeks?


Let's practise using all of the sounds we have learnt so far.

Here is a video for the grown-ups (please help your child by making them a bingo board) 

Mrs Huby's magic phonics!



What number do you think we are learning about today?


You can watch number blocks on BBC iplayer to help you with your learning

Thursday 14th January 

Let's see what we will be learning today.


Mrs Huby needs your help today to sort the pets we have been learning about. Watch the video to help her.



Wednesday 13th January 

Hello everyone :) We hope that you are all keeping well. Today we have lots of new things for you to try at home. 


Are you ready to play a game with Mrs Dickinson?  Listen very carefully to the clues Mrs Dickinson gives about the animals and work out which animal she is describing. 

Today's literacy activity is to draw your favourite pet and write a list of all the things it needs.  Look at the example in the video and the picture below to help you.  Don't forget to stretch the sounds in the word and use your sound mat to help you.

Come and meet Pippin and Milo... have a look and see how Mrs Dickinson takes care of them.


Which Numicon number will we learn today? Can you work out what number comes after 6?   

Yeah!! 7

Today we are going to be learning about number 7.




Tuesday 12th January 

Good morning Reception we have lots of fun learning today.

Lets get started...


Today Mrs Huby is going to main school to find some pets.

I wonder what she will find? 

Watch and listen carefully then see if you can answer the questions below.

What did the fish eat?

How many times a day does Mrs Wright feed the fish?

Which fish was your favourite?


Click on the link below to learn more about our new number 6.

Numberblock 6

Number 6

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Well done Reception you have completed all your work for today.  See you tomorrow!

Monday 11th January

We hope you had a good weekend

well done for all of your hard work so far 

Can you remember the pets we have already learnt about?

What other pets do you think we might be learning about?

Try to make a maze for a guinea pig.

Can you label the maze ?

Here are some words to help







In phonics today we are learning a new you already know this sound?


For math's this week we are looking at numbers.

What numbers do you already recognise?



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