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Monday 19th October


Happy Monday Boys and Girls

Our last day of home learning

We can't wait to see you tomorrow!

Monday learning 2

Fun phonics games with Mrs Huby

Can you practise your careful counting?

Mondays learning

Friday 16th October

Its Friday today so you can have a good rest this weekend.

Mrs Huby has a new sound today. what could it be ?

Now see if you can make your own I spy bottle.

How many buttons are on the gingerbread man? practice your careful counting.


Use this link to play the game

Enjoy a story with Mrs Huby

Thursday 15th October


Hello boys and girls ! Its time to do some exercise to switch on our brains.


Mrs Huby has a missing fish can you help her to find out what fish is missing?

Its Math's with Mrs Huby today.  Let's practice counting carefully to feed the teddies.

Mrs Huby and her children love to do experiments . Can you make your own rainbow skittles?

Wednesday 14th October

Good morning everyone!

Are you ready to get your body moving?

Time for phonics!

Mrs Dickinson needs your help to find her missing items.

I wonder where they're hiding?

Time for some musical maths.  

Are you ready 1..2..3.... go!

Click the link below to play Bongo Drums.

Listen carefully!  How many drum beats did you hear?

Education City

Bongo drums

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Have you ever made your own reading den? It's lots of fun. Why don't you watch the video below and then have a go yourself?

Now you've made your reading den you can settle down and listen to a story read by Mrs Troy. 

Remember to comeback tomorrow Mrs Huby will be here!

Tuesday 13th October

Good morning everyone! 

Let's wake up our body and mind with some exercise! 

Lots of fun activities to try today.

Let's start with Phonics.

Can you remember the letter sounds we practised yesterday?

Who has come to help Mrs Dickinson with her counting today?  

Can you count carefully and give teddy the right amount of cakes?

(Click on the link below the picture to play the game.)

Counting with Teddy


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Don't forget to play hide and seek with your teddy and toys.

See you tomorrow!



Hello Reception hope you have had a relaxing morning. Let's start our activities today with some phonics with Mrs Dickinson.

Stand up and show your parents how great you are at counting to 20.

Today we are going to practise counting objects up to 3. Watch the Numberblocks video below and then we'll practise counting together.

(Click on the orange button below)


How to Count

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Are you ready to help Mrs Dickinson count?

We have been busy this afternoon.  Settle down for a story with Mrs Troy. 

See you tomorrow!  

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