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Aleena ahmed(less than a month ago)

Hi miss we have been sending you aleena's pictures but you have not been putting it on.

Ayaan ahmed(about a month ago)

Hi hope u okay I’m asking about today home work... Dear merlin, What’s this what I need to do ....

Aminul Islam(about a month ago)

Year 1 Home mekin & pley good

Saibah ali(about a month ago)

Hi Mrs Charlton I am missing you so much and I miss my lovely school friends

Miss Charlton(about a month ago)

Hi everybody, We really miss all of you too! You are all doing a fantastic job with your work from home =) keep it up!

Ayaan shakeel(about a month ago)

I miss my school my friends and i miss u miss ward from ayaan shakeel.

Husnain khan(about a month ago)

hello miss ward when are we going back school?I miss school and my friends.

Nimra Noor(about a month ago)

hello i have been practising my handwriting. completed my maths, addition and subtraction workbook. i have also been reading books with my cousin and telling the story by looking at the pictures. i have been doing exercise with my brother and sister. i have been practising my numbers in 1's 2's 5's and 10's. i have been practising my phonic sounds.

ismail(about a month ago)

hi miss Charlton I hope u are ok and well missing you

Musa(about a month ago)

Hiiiiii misshehhdi

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