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Daily Learning


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Wednesday 3rd June 2020

Daily Exercise 

Good Morning Year 1! Let’s start the day with some exercise!


It’s time for a story from Mrs Porter. Listen carefully to her story telling voice. Have been practising using yours?

Now we want you to go to Oxford Reading Owl to choose a book to read. Remember your usernames and passwords are in your reading records. Click on 'My class login'


Today we are going to practise some adding and subtracting. Answer these questions using different objects in your house. You could use toys, books, tins, pasta or spoons to help you work out the answers.

3 + 5 =

7 – 6 =

9 + 9 =

15 – 5 =

14 + 0 =

14 – 0 =

7 + 3 =

23 – 9 =

22 +6 =

19 – 10 =

8 + 25 =

27 – 12 =



Do you remember when we did the topic ‘Splendid Skies’? What do you remember about it?

Copy the weather symbols and join them to the correct weather word.

It was winter when we learnt about the weather. Now we are in June, at the very start of summer. For the next 3 days I want us to look at the seasonal changes we can see around us. Let’s make a weather chart to record the weather each day. Write the day, draw and describe today’s weather and add the temperature. Go on to find out the exact temperature.

Tuesday 2nd June 2020

Daily exercise

Welcome back Year 1! We hope that you have had a really lovely holiday! Let’s start our new day with some dancing!


Let’s practise our handwriting! We are going to practise joining our letters today. Can you try these joins?

Now finish these words using the joins we have practised.

Now have a go at writing sentences using these words. Remember to try and join your letters.


This week we are going to be practising adding and subtracting. Remember when we add the number gets bigger and when we subtract the number gets smaller.

Today we would like you to make the number 30 using as many different add or subtract number sentences as you can.

Here are some examples:

12 + 18 = 30

5 + 15 + 10 = 30

31 – 1 = 30

Topic - PE

Can you send a photograph or video of

yourself doing PE today?

Send it to Mr Mosely and Mrs Simpson would love it!


Let's warm up

Now for your main activity

Remember to cool down