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 The best way to leave your teachers a message is to send an email to 


You can send us photographs of you and your work, you can ask us questions if there is anything you need help with, and we can help you with your passwords and log ins for any online sites that we use.


When you send an email it will go straight to Miss Firth, Mrs Ishaq and Miss Kent and one of us will reply soon. We would love to hear from you!


You can also get in touch by leaving a message on the form below. Just remember that we can't reply directly to these messages, and everyone else will be able to read them.


Remember to ask an adult before you send the message.

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Aqsa Hussain(less than a month ago)

I need a new home learning book because I have lost my other new home learning book

Natasha mukhtar(a couple of months ago)

Hi miss it’s me Natasha I really miss school but is fun at home I have been making 2 cards and it’s a surprise card so I’m not telling you hope you are well and safe

Natasha mukhtar(a couple of months ago)

Hi miss I have a made an eid card can I send it to u

Manahil Ali(a couple of months ago)

I have been enjoying the fun activities that were on the website. My homework has been really fun.

kai b(a couple of months ago)

i loved watching your stay safe video from kai