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Extra activities

 Although some of these do require screen time, we have tried to include a mix. It's important to get the balance right for your family and your routine. 

A page full of ideas and activities to entertain everyone! 

Audible Stories

Audible Stories is a completely free website with hundreds of free children's audio books.

Harry Potter at Home

Harry Potter at Home is a free website that allows children to sign up and access stories, quizzes and games all based on the magical world. 

P.E with Joe

Everyday at 9am Joe Wicks (The Body Coach) is doing live P.E lessons from his Youtube channel ( These are a great way to stay active whilst at home. 

Carol Vorderman's Maths Factor

The Maths Factor is a great website to get kids thinking about maths. Best part is it's free at the moment!


A great way to keep children learning French. Duolingo is a free app that gives you daily lessons for over 30+ languages. 

David Walliams' Elevenses

Everyday at 11am, children's author David Walliams is releasing audio recordings of stories for your children to enjoy.

Jack Hartmann

Jack Hartmann is a favourite in the classroom. It's a great way to get kids singing, dancing and counting.

Arts and Crafts

Get creative! This is a great Youtube channel for all things arts and crafts. Just make sure you have adult supervision as some of these need scissors or craft knives.

Cosmic Yoga

Cosmic Yoga- a Youtube channel that combines yoga and children's stories. A great way to introduce mindfulness and strength in a fun way for kids.

Teach Your Monster To Read

A video game that helps teach children to read. It's completely free using the website but 99p as an app.

Ready Steady Cook

A great family activity to introduce cooking skills to your children. Just like the game show, find 5 ingredients and your children need to decide what they want to cook with it. You could keep it simple to start with by making a healthy fruit salad. Remember to teach your children how to use knives or equipment safely and always have adult supervision. 

Fun activities to do at home

The most important thing is to stay safe and enjoy this time with your family. Here's a list of great activities you can do at home with each other

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