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Message to parents:

Please can you make sure that your children know that the activities we are setting while they are at home should be completed unless they are poorly or there is another very good reason for them not to do them.

If they are having problems accessing the website, please contact the school.

Thank you.


Home Learning Packs

Have you received yours? If not, please contact the school office:

 01274 493 543 or

The year three teachers will aim to set daily learning activities for children to complete at home. Some of this can be done in their home learning book, which they will bring back to school when they return. 

Home learning includes activities that should be completed every day and found in "Today's learning". There is also an "Extra activities" page, where we will try to post ideas for fun activities that can be done while we are all staying at home, these are completely optional.

Follow the links above to see the pages.


We have email! 

Year 3 now have our own email address so if you have any questions, issues or just want to get in touch please send us an email and one of the year 3 teachers will get in touch.


Please feel free to sign our guestbook and leave a comment...

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Mrs Wright(about a month ago)

Hello Year 3 I hope you are all well. I am missing seeing you all very much and I can’t wait for us all to come back to school. I have been looking through the gallery and you are all doing some fantastic work. The pictures some of you have painted are beautiful, and what lovely handwriting in your work books. Keep up the good work and don’t forget to keep in touch with your teachers, and keep sending the great photos.

Mrs Simpson(about a month ago)

Hi everyone! I hope you and your families are well. It is good to see that you have all been working hard at home. I too, have been working hard,I hope you have all been doing your daily exercises. I have also been doing some gardening, growing pumpkin plants, tomato plants and potatoes for school. The pumpkin plants will be planted in the school garden soon. keep up the hard work and take care.

Khadija Amin(about a month ago)

Thank you teachers for all the hard work you put into our work to do at home. I'm missing my teachers and friends very much.

Zain ul abdin ibrar(about a month ago)

Good afternoon teacher thank u for ringing me mum is emailed u my story hope u like it miss u

Muhammad Habibullah Shah(about a month ago)

I have done my work. Can I have another learning pack with some more comprehension work. I would also like to be a star of the week

Ismail and Yusuf mum(a couple of months ago)

thank you for all the work you are setting and helping us to keep busy. and afterc5 says of home schooling I appreciate the teachers and girlington primary very much.

Ibrahim(a couple of months ago)

Girlington is the best

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