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You may dress up as a super hero.  You can even make a cape with a pillow case and create your own and make a mask.  So it is time to raise the stakes and access your super powers for some super exercise and keep fit this week.  It does not matter if the clips are a boy or girl super hero, the challenge is can you keep up?  Please send pictures and videos to

Reading— Identify key features. This activity will require you to complete an introductory quiz, watch a video, worksheet and an exit quiz. Click on 'close quiz' after completing  the introductory quiz and click on 'next'. Remember after each part to click on ‘next activity’. Follow this link


Maths—Recap division and solve questions involving the four formal written methods. 

Activity one - Play on TTRS for 5 minutes. 

Activity two—Follow this link

 to watch the two videos.

Activity three—Answer the questions below in your jotter neatly using short division.


Writing - Activity 1 —Write the sentences below using the correct punctuation. The sentences might be missing—capital letters, apostrophes, exclamation marks, speech marks (remember the rules for inverted commas), full stops, question marks and commas. The sentences below have some errors that you need to correct. 


Activity 2 - Have a look at Jonathan's excellent writing below and write out the year 4 skills of writing you can see and label them. The different year 4 writing skills are expanded noun phrases, wow words, powerful verbs, inverted commas, exclamation points, question marks, show not tell and fronted adverbials. 


For example

My knees were shaking like leaves - show not tell. 



Art—1) How to draw a realistic jaguar 2) How to draw a realistic bunny 3)How to draw a realistic waterfall.


Have you emailed?

Remember to complete the weekly challenge sometime this week and to take pictures of your work to email your teacher.  :) 

Have a great day. Remember if you have any questions to email