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Daily Exercise

The theme for exercise this week is superheroes. We would love if you could dress up or design a mask to do the work outs. We would love to see this - please send photos and videos to

Reading – Reading comprehension. This activity will require you to complete an introductory quiz, watch a video, worksheet and an exit quiz. Click on 'close quiz' after completing  the introductory quiz and click on 'next'. Remember after each part to click on ‘next activity’. Follow this link


MathsPlace value for four-digit numbers. Follow this link  Watch the video and complete activity one and 2. Now order the numbers below in order from smallest to biggest. I would write the numbers down in your jotter first and then put it in order.

1) 564   456   546  654  465   645

2) 8716  7168  8617  7186  6718  6817  8176

3) 6592  9256  5629  6296  9562  6952 5962

4) 12604  14620  16240  12460  14602  16402  14260


WritingLook at this image below.


Activity one—Question time! These questions will help you complete activity two. You can write your answers in your jotter using bullet points.

  • Where are the dragons heading?
  • What is ‘paradise’? Why are they looking forward to it so much?
  • Are these the only 3 dragons that exist, or are there more?
  • Where have the dragons come from? Where is their home?
  • If you had a pet baby dragon, how would you look after it? 


Activity two—Miss Kalia has started the beginning of the story it is your task to complete it. Use activity one to help you. Remember to use year 4 writing skills—expanded noun phrases, paragraphs, fronted adverbials, show not tell, wow words, similes and powerful verbs.

This was their favourite time of day to fly.

As the glowing, crimson sun dipped down below the vast horizon, retreating to allow night to take its place, the dragons took flight.

The sky looked beautiful: wisps of pillow-like clouds seemed to part in front of them as they flexed their powerful wings. Like sails from ancient ships, the wings beat in the dying embers of the sun’s fire, embracing what little warmth remained. Thousands of tiny scales that covered the beasts’ bodies glistened like rubies in the dazzling light.

As they reached full speed, leaving the world far beneath them, they almost grinned as they thought about where they were going. There would be others like them there. It would be paradise.. 


SPAG—Sentence challenge!

A simile is a way of describing something by comparing it to something else, often using the word "like" or "as."

Can you identify all of the similes in my writing above?

Can you think of your own similes to use in your writing? Add them in.

You could experiment using metaphors, or even personification to make your writing really exciting to read!



Science - following on from last Monday's science lesson.Lets recap the food groups—follow the link below.

Look at the food pyramid below, the smallest groups in the pyramid are the types of food that you should eat least of and the biggest groups are the foods you should eat most of. Can you name the different groups? Copy and complete this grid in your jotter.


Activity two—Now you are going to think about what you ate yesterday.

Copy the food pyramid into your book and write or draw what you ate in the correct food group. Look at Miss Kalia's food pyramid below. 

Activity three—Reflect—Now, look at what you ate, think and answer these questions in your jotter.

Did you eat some of each food type?

Did you eat it in the right amounts?

Did you eat healthily?

Is there a food type you think you could try and eat more of?



Remember to complete the weekly challenge sometime this week and to take pictures of your work to email your teacher.  :) 

Have a great day. Remember if you have any questions to email