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Daily exercise

Reading— Reading comprehension. This activity will require you to complete an introductory quiz, watch a video, worksheet and an exit quiz. Click on 'close quiz' after completing  the introductory quiz and click on 'next'. Remember after each part to click on ‘next activity’. Follow this link


Year 6 girls' story - Zalfa Emir is a Warrior - online launch today!

Zalfa Emir is a Warrior was written with the help of The Story Makers at Leeds Beckett University.  Copies of this exciting book can be purchased from the online launch web page for £9.99.  Click on the link below to find out more.

For your second reading task - I want you to explore Zalfa Emir is a Warrior.  Explore the website and listen to the beginning of the book (red box on the right side of the web page). 

Maths—Subtracting one 3-digit or 4-digit number from another.

Activity one - Play on TTRS for 5 minutes 

Activity two—Follow this link  to watch the video and the two slides underneath it.

Activity three. —Answer the questions below in your jotter neatly using column subtraction. Remember the rules for exchanging.


Writing— Read the writing prompt below and watch the video. Jot down some ideas in your jotter and use that to help you write your story.

Imagine that for your safety and the safety of your community, you are in a shelter in place order. This means you’re stuck at home. No hanging out with friends. No playing sports with your neighbours. You can video chat, text, and talk, but you’re already feeling lonely.

But this morning, when you wake up, you find a giant cardboard box in your room. Although it seems ordinary, this box can transport you into any book you’ve ever read.

Simply state the book and page number and press the button and you’ll end up inside that world.

Where do you go? Perhaps a fantasy novel? Maybe you want to warn Edward in Narnia to not trust the witch. Or maybe a mystery novel? Perhaps you’ll go to a historical novel from back in the day or maybe you’ll visit a far-off galaxy. Or you’ll enter the world of superheroes and see firsthand how they save the day.

However, there is a catch. The box can only take you to five locations. So, list the five locations and explain why you are choosing them. Next, tell the story of the first location you visit. How will you react to the setting? How will you interact with the characters? How long will you stay there? What will you do while you’re there? Finally, explain how your actions change the plot, setting, and theme of the book. An adventure awaits. Good luck!


Science - How are organisms adapted to hot environments. Follow this link for the lesson 

Remember to complete the weekly challenge sometime this week and to take pictures of your work to email your teacher.  :) 

Have a great day. Remember if you have any questions to email