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Aleema Iqbal(less than a month ago)

Hello everyone i miss u all very much i cant believe when we come back we will be in year 5! also i the person reading this have a nice day!

Noorun-nisa sultana(a couple of months ago)

hiya everyone hope u all ok. I have been bizzy doing my home work.i really miss my school friends and teacher's. I hope u all are staying safe at home.

Hafsah saber(a couple of months ago)

I am going to climb a from the dotam to the top.

Hoor-ul-Aain(a couple of months ago)

Hi everyone. I want you to know that I’m doing great and everything is perfectly fine! Also quarantine is not really fun because I miss my best friends and making sculptures. P.S stay safe from Covid-19

Mrs Simpson(a couple of months ago)

Hi everyone, I hope your are all ok? It looks like you have all been very busy at home. Your Artwork, Maths and Stories are great! I hope you have all been doing your daily PE activities. Take Care Everyone

Aysha Rameez(a couple of months ago)

As you know I have been getting on fine but I also cant find the video for maths . For now I will miss it out.

Mrs Wright(a couple of months ago)

Hello everyone from Year 3 and 4 I am missing you all very much, and I hope you and your families are staying safe. I have been very busy sewing face masks for my family and friends, and doing some knitting for patients at the BRI. For those of you that ask me often about my six rabbits, they are fine and enjoying the sunshine and especially me being home to give them some treats. I know it’s difficult not seeing you friends and teachers and even the daily routine of school has stopped for now. But remember this will pass and we can all get on with our learning and having fun. X X

Aysha Rameez(a couple of months ago)

Hi I have been playing with my five siblings and went to gi stay at my grandma. I Hope u have a good day and please STAY AT HOME!!♡♡♡♡♡

Eliza shah(a couple of months ago)

Hi I have been playing with my pet cat and with my eldest sister

Mumina Bibi(a couple of months ago)

Hi Miss Goldthorp, Three things I have learnt about this week are: * I have learnt that mount kilamanjaro grows coffee beans and bananas. * I have learnt that the Red Mountain is 1,185m tall and has 98 bird species that live on it as well some bobcats, deers and other animals. * For my maths I have learnt how to count up in 25's and the lines of symmetry on a triangle.

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