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Daily Timetable

Each day, you should try and do some work for all of these subjects. The daily learning guide will give you more information on what to do each day.

Keep having a break from learning – play games, dance, run, play catch and keep your body moving.

Remember to stay in touch with us - we would like to hear from you twice a week to tell us how you are and how your home learning is going.

Your child will have a login for all of the programmes/ Apps we use in school. This can be found in the back of their homework diary. If they packs were delivered to your child - all of the logins are inside the pack not in the homework diary.


If you are having problems with either accessing the work or setting work please email the school office on and they will contact the appropriate teacher who will be able to help you.

We will be asking your children to reply by email once a week. They will need to reply to