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Year 4's gallery of all the hard work they are doing at home. 


Luqman completing the weekly challenge

Alishba completing the weekly challenge

Luqman's artwork

Faria's drawing of a minion

Luqman's weekly challenge

Maryam's brownies (Weekly challenge)

AbuBakr's engineered a paper tower

Maryam's portrait

News presented by Jonathan

Zareen's mountain poster

Maimoona's delicious brownies

Khizar's drawing

Khizar's healthy eating poster

Ehtisham's mountain facts

Yusuf's brownies (weekly challenge)

Umar's brownies (Weekly challenge)

Amelia's brownies (weekly challenge)

Umar's brownies ready to bake (weekly challenge)

Umar's brownie mixture for the weekly challenge

Abdullah's reading hut

Abdullah completing the mountain challenge

Azaan's reading den

Maryam's funny shrimp

Maimoona's mountain challenge!

Maryam's ideal school

Maryam's PHSE work

Sharjeel's underwater school

Zareen's cosy reading den

Luqman completing the mountain challenge

Amelia's mountain challenge

Noorun-Nisa completing her daily workout

Alishba completing the mountain challenge

Eliza completing the mountain challenge

Yusuf completing the mountain challenge

Mahnoor's PSHE work

Zareen's PSHE work

Yusuf's score on hit the button

Jonathan's letter

Imran's score on hit the button

Safiyyah score on hit the button

Fatima's science work

Zareen's mind map

Eliza's background for her mountain challenge

Mahnoor completing the mountain challenge

Maryam's mindmap about the book Shark Lady

Alishba's science work

Hasnain gardening

Abdullah's wonderful reading den

Maryam's imaginary country

Zareen's detailed mountain sketch

Imran's mountain drawing

Faria's mountain sketch

Maryam's mountain drawing

Maimoona's reading den!

Amelia's Sound Hunt

Fatima's poster for the NHS

Hasnain's excellent poster

Zareen's fantastic poster!

Jonathan's amazing wolf art

Alishba's wonderful writing

Eimaan's lovely drawing of Greg from The Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Maryam's drawing of a minion

Paulina's brownies (weekly challenge)

Maryam's drawing

Khizar's poster

Hashim's yummy brownies

News presented by Luqman

Jonathan's score on hit the buttons

Yusuf's dragon art

Jonathan's brownies (weekly challenge)

Paulina's self portrait

Maryam's brownies (weekly challenge)

Abdullah's brownies (weekly challenge)

Hasnain and his brother making the brownies

Hasnain's brownies (weekly challenge)

Luqman completing the baking weekly challenge

Aleema's work

Yusuf's healthy eating poster

Khizar's brownies (weekly challenge)

Zareen's brownies (weekly challenge)

Abdullahs's front cover

Alishba's reading den

Alishba's picture of a funny shrimp

Mahnoor completing the mountain challenge

Faria's comic strip

Luqman's reading den

Eliza's reading den

Akira's reading den

Alishba's artwork

Aysha reading her favourite book - Harry Potter

Khizar's reading den

Khizar's funny shrimp

Maryam's funny shrimp

Zareen's school of the fish!

Jonathan's underwater primary school

Faria's reading den

Zareen's mountain challenge

Luqman completing the mountain challenge

Jonathan completing the mountain challenge

Safiyyah completing the mountain challenge

Khizar's poster

Mahnoor's fab reading den

Jonathan's mindmap about the book Shark Lady

Mahnoor's amazing wolf art

Sharjeel's ideal country

Safiyyah beating Miss Goldthorp's high score!

Fatima's Wolf

Faria's mountain research

Yusuf's amazing reading den

Luqman's relaxing reading corner

Faria's drawing of Greg from Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Faria's fantastic wolf art

Zareen timing herself completing her arithmetic questions.

Amelia's symmetrical butterfly