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Daily exercise

Reading—Roald Dahl—George’s Marvellous Medicine.  Start from—The Cook-up (26 minutes and 29 seconds) until the chapter The Pigs, the Bullocks, the Sheep, the Pony and the Nanny Goat (45 minutes 24 seconds) This YouTube video has both audio and visual so you are able to follow the text as you listen.


1) Enjoy listening to the 5 chapters.

2) Answer the questions below that are based on the chapters you have read. The worksheet focuses on past tense. 


Maths– Multiplication and Division—Problem solving.

Activity one—Follow this link and watch the video 

Activity two—Complete the worksheet below in your jotter using formal written methods. The first sheet requires you to divide and the second sheet requires you to divide and then multiply.

Activity three - play on TTRS for 5 minutes.


Writing/SPAG - Activity one - Read the PowerPoint below and write a line in your jotter for each spelling carefully and correctly. Remember to join your handwriting. Research and write down the definition in your jotter for any words you do not know. 

Activity two

 MusicPulse and rhythm. Follow this link—  and watch the two videos.  Listen to your favourite  song and try to listen to the pulse and rhythm  of your song.


PSHCE - Celebrate what makes you unique!

Use your similarities and differences to create a poster with the title ‘All about me’

You could draw yourself in the middle and write information around the edges.



Last task - Everyone to email us about the task you enjoyed the most this week .

Remember to complete the weekly challenge sometime this week and to take pictures of your work to email your teacher.  :) 

Have a great day. Remember if you have any questions to email