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Friday 5th March 2021.

Reading - The Saga of Erik the Viking - Erik at The Enchanter's Court





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Thursday 4th March 2021. 

Well done to you all!  It is the final week of lockdown.  You did it!  Thank you to you all for joining in every week with the clips and PE sessions online. We will be back together very soon for the real thing.  Keep working hard and see you back in school very soon.


Mr Moseley and Mrs Simpson. 


Either choose this as your main or the the video below this

Cool down

World Book Day

Create a reading crown

Create a book mark

Story Time - The Saga of Erik the Viking - Chapter 5 - How Erik and His Men Were Turned to Stone


Wednesday 3rd March 2021.



French - 'Un' and 'une'


Discovery Education - Discovery Education - Coding - Block coding - Learn


  • pop game
  • catch the coconuts 
  • healthy eating

Tuesday 2nd March 2021.




Creative curriculum

Carry on building your design - make it stronger and reinforce the structure. Take a picture and send it to


Now test it to destruction - what can you put on top of it? What makes it break? 

 - story time  - story time - story time - story time - story time - story time - story time - story time - story time - story time - story time - story time - story time - story time - story time

Story Time - The Saga of Erik the Viking - Chapter 4 - The Old Man of The Sea

Monday 1st March 2021


Log in to Get Epic.

You may read either Great Warriors - Vikings, or Vikings. Great Warriors - Vikings is a bit easier to read.

You must carefully read every word of the book you choose because this will improve your reading skills AND you will learn about Vikings.

BUT it's OK if you get stuck on a word. Just skip it, look it up or talk to someone at home.

You should read for at least 40 minutes. If you finish your book before then, you can read it again or choose another one.

You could draw a Viking longboat afterwards if you like. See the video.

Have fun.

Maths - Arithmetic

Writing - vocabulary lesson

If you had a go at making a structure as part of Friday's design and technology activity, then follow the instructions below.

If you made a detailed sketch of your idea, you can still do the activity, but you will need to use your imagination to help you to think about how successful your design would be.

You can discuss your design with someone at home, or you can just think about it on your own. It's better to discuss it if you can.

Follow the steps below, and record your answers in your home learning book.

Punctuation - read through this presentation to help you to understand about using apostrophes.

Story Time - The Saga of Erik the Viking - Chapter 3 - Erik and the Sea Dragon

Friday 26th February 2021

CC - D.T Project for Friday, Monday and Tuesday


  1. Read and listen to The Saga of Erik the Viking - Erik and the Enchantress of the Fjord.
  2. Draw a picture about a part of the story.  It could be a character, an object or a place.




Write today's date and learning objective:

Friday 26th February

Writing L.O: I can order events and group them into paragraphs.

You are going to make a plan for your story about Orva or Amal.

You will write the story next week.

The plan will look like a list of things that happen (events) and will be in the right order.

You will decide where each new paragraph is going to begin.

1. Using ideas from your English book, have a go at telling your story to someone at home.

2. Underneath the L.O, write a list of things that will happen in your story in the correct order.

3. Decide where each new paragraph should begin.

4. Place a mark, like a tick or a little star, next to the place where it will start.

There should be about three paragraphs.


Log in to Espresso, then click on this link:

Find Using apostrophes to show singular & plural possession.

Watch the video and do the activities.

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