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Thursday 28th January 2021.

Monday 25th January 2021.


Use this website to read books at home. Log in details below for computers or laptops.

Log in details below for phones or tablets There are amazing books on this website. You can use it on computers, laptops, phones and tablets. The log in details are above. We want everybody to try logging into the website and explore the website. Miss Kalia will be uploading a video tomorrow all about it - so do not worry if you are stuck. 

Maths - Arithmetic Practice




Geography L.O: I can read contour lines to understand topography. Watch this video.

Important vocabulary - make sure you know how to say these words. Click on them to find out.

contour                              terrain                                topography

Watch this video about contour lines.

Important vocabulary - make sure you know their meanings. Click to search WordSmyth.

contour                               terrain                                topography

Look carefully at the map. Take a few minutes - maps are amazing.


Thinking activity:

Look at the map above.

  • What do you notice about how the contour lines are used on the map?

  • Can you describe the landscape?

  • Can you identify peaks and their heights?

  • Can you provide a grid reference for the peaks or other features?

You may need to use this key to help you to think.

  • Use the map provided to find any peaks you can.

  • Find some other features.

  • Write the date and L.O.

  • Record grid references for each feature.

  • Record other interesting information.


You may make a fact sheet, a table or a written description in paragraphs. You choose.

That's it for geography today, except...


If you need a reminder about grid references, watch the videos below.


Well done everybody. We are missing you. Mr. Hall

Friday 22nd January 2021

Reading for enjoyment. 

Listen to the video below. This is the second book in the series Narnia and is titled Prince Caspian. You can choose to either sketch or make notes about what is being read. 

Maths part 1

Maths part 2

Miss Kalia's example problem

Miss Kalia's example problem

Problem for you to complete independently

Problem for you to complete independently



Geography L.O: I can describe how different kinds of mountains are formed.

1. Think about and look up what the words form and formation mean.

2. Study this presentation. Think about what is similar and different about each mountain type.

3. Look carefully at these significant mountains. Write the date and L.O. in your home learning book. Make a list of each mountain and write down what kind of mountain you think it is. Do some more research online if you are not sure. the answers will appear below at the end of the school day.

Types of Mountain - Answers. Did you get some right?

What is a continent? Watch this video to find out. How could knowledge about continents be linked to knowledge about mountain ranges?

Thursday 21st January 2021. 

Warm up

Main session

Maths - watch the video then have a go at all the questions.

Can you get them ALL right? Do them all then check your answers.


English - Spelling test




Wednesday 20th January 2021.


Chapter 15

Chapter 16

Chapter 17



Good morning. Watch the video, then choose some calculations to solve.

Fantastic Challenge

Amazing Challenge

1. 23 x 6

1. 32 x 21

2. 45 x 2

2. 24 x 24

3. 71 x 4

3. 09 x 90

4. 88 x 8

4. 31 x 13

5. 3 x 75

5. 25 x 27



Recapping French learning from last week. 



The Beatles remain a pop culture phenomenon even among Gen Z fans

Beatles Quiz

Here are the answers:

Question 1: Skiffle music came mainly from Africa and The United States of America. African slaves were cruelly transported to the USA to work in the cotton fields. They were treated badly and sung songs about their plight. They used cheap guitars and home-made instruments to play their songs. This music wasn't exactly skiffle, but the first British skiffle bands sang many of the songs that these African-=Americans first sung

Question 2: Liverpool is in the north-east of England near the Irish Sea.

Question 3: Teenagers in the 1950s and 1960s listened to the radio and bought records that came into Britain by ship. Liverpool was a great place for people to start music groups because it was an important port. Young people could listen to some of the records that came on ships from America. The music was easy to play, remember and learn. This is why there were so many skiffle groups in cities like Liverpool.New 'Music At Home' Yumu Packages available - Charanga

Hello. Today's music activities are on the YUMU website. Click on

Music - Week 3 - Blackbird

and do the activities.

You will need to log in to YUMU first.  Can't remember your login details? You were sent an email message with your username, password and other instructions. So, if you are stuck...

  1. Make sure you have set up your school email account (see the video instructions).
  2. Open the email message from called 'YUMU'.
  3. Follow the instructions about how to log in to YUMU.
  4. Do this week's activity.

Get in touch if you can't log in to your school email account or YUMU.



Natural instincts

Keeping Hens

Tuesday 19th January 2021

Reading - Part 1

Chapter 12

Chapter 13

Chapter 14


1. Play TT Rockstars

2. Watch this video...

3. Have a go at using the grid method to solve these...

1. 18 x 6

2. 24 x 3

3. 48 x 4

4. 63 x 7

5. 89 x 9

4. Remember to talk to a parent or a brother or sister. Can you explain the connections between the partitioning method, the array method and the grid method?


Page 88 to 89

Geography L.O: I can describe and compare physical features. 1. Study this presentation carefully.

2. Write the date and L.O. in your home learning book, then have a go at answering every question from below.

Monday 18th January 2021


Chapter 11

Setting Clues

Maths L.O: I can free up my short term memory by using jottings. 1. Watch this video. If you need to practise, then practise.

2. Click on this link to find Daily Ten:

3. Find these doubling and halving activities. Choose how long you would like to answer each question, then have a go at 10 doubling and 10 halving questions.

4. Have a go at one from the top and one from the bottom. Change the level if it's too easy or too hard, but stay in the challenge zone.

5. Now try some of these. Change the level if you need to.

Vocabulary L.O: I can think about and find out the meanings of words.

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