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Today's Work

Here is your daily learning guide for today. Don't forget to email us if you have any questions!

Summer 1 Week 5

Thursday 21.5.20

There will be no work posted tomorrow or next week due to the half term holiday.

There is a video to help you with your maths below this document.

Here is your work for Today.  Your P.E. lesson is below the work document. Remember the TTRS Battle, Quiz and to email us.

Below this document is a powerpoint to help you with your topic lesson.

Summer 1 Week 4

For your maths, there is another video below the document. There is also a new Education City activity. Don't worry if you're unable to do this because you are using a phone. Below the maths video is a power point for your French lesson.

For maths, watch the video below Tuesday's work. It is just underneath the document below.

Make sure you do today's new Education City activity! If you can't access Education City, there is a video for you to watch below.

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