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Learning Stars

Each week, we will pick some students who have worked really hard to be our Learning Stars.

Congratulations to this week's learning stars: Ayyma, Safah Hussain and Hashim!

Learning Stars for 10th July


Well done for staying in touch with the Year 6 teachers. You have been enjoying reading Zalfa Emir Is A Warrior. Keep up the good work. 

Safah Hussain

You have done some excellent work in your home learning book. Your work is always very neat and well presented.  Well done!


You have spent some quality time gardening with your dad and grandma. We are very impressed with all the plants and flowers that you have planted and how creative you have been with your garden. 

Learning Stars for 3rd July

Rayyan Iqbal

Well done on trying very hard with your home learning and emailing us at school. Keep up the good work and continue to stay in touch. 


Well done for emailing us every single day with photos of your home learning. You always try hard with your work and you have been doing lots of interesting things at home. 

Learning Stars for 26th June


You have emailed in your arithmetic work every morning without fail. You have tired very hard all week. 


You have completed all your home learning for the week. You have also made a good start on reading Boy 87 and getting through the related work. Well done!

Zain Anwar

You have done a fantastic job of keeping in touch with the Year 6 teachers. You have shared photos of your work and make a great start to your Bird Hotel model. 

Learning Stars for 19th June


You have tired very hard with your arithmetic tasks all week. You have asked lots of questions when  you have been stuck on something. Good work!


You have shared lots of pictures of your hard work and you've kept us updated on all the interesting things you have been doing at home. Well done!


You have kept in touch with us this week. We especially loved your Bug word search! Well done!

Learning Stars for 12th June


You have kept us up to date with all the work you have been doing at home. You have also been doing some great baking with your mum. The photo's are on the website. 

Learning Stars for 5th June


You have sent in pictures of your work every day as well as keeping us updated about all of your work.


You have kept in touch this week and have been on TTRS to get extra points for your team.


You have kept in touch over the last few weeks and update us on how your work is going.


Learning Stars for 21st May


You sent in lots of work, done to a high standard. We particularly like your work on Ancient Islamic Civilisation.


We love the pictures you have sent in of your pond and your space rail! Well done!


You have done a fantastic job of staying in touch and we are pleased with the way you tell us your arithmetic scores and explain how you will fix any mistakes.

Learning Stars for 15th May 2020

Zenab Bibi

You have sent your work to us

most days so that we can see

what you have been doing.


Ibrar Hussain

We are really pleased with your TTRS rockstars effort!



Mu'minah Ali

You have sent us lots of pictures of your work and completed most of  your Education City work.


Learning Stars for 7th May 2020

Muhammad Usman

You completed your

Education City work on

time and without any 

reminders to a high standard.

Well done!

Hifza Mahmood

You completed your

Education City work on

time to an extremely high 

standard, including getting

100% on the maths activity.

Sara Ali

You have completed your

education city work on time

and without any reminders.

You have sent regular emails

to let us know how you are

getting on.

Learning Stars for 1st May 2020


Your TTRS work this week has

been incredibly impressive!

Socring over 10,000 points

shows you have worked really

hard on TTRS.


You have emailed us pictures

of your work for the website

every single day. You have

clearly been working hard!

Rayyan I

You email us regularly and

send in photos. We really

liked that you have made

yourself a little book and

written a story of your own.

Learning stars for 24th April 2020


 You have kept us up to date through emails. Your maths work about the weight of objects was fantastic too (if you want to take a look at Natasha's work, look at the gallery section of the website. 


Zain Q


We have had lots of emails from Zain and examples of his work. He has worked incredibly hard and should be impressed with his work effort. 





We are really impressed with her email contact this week too. She always checks when she has questions or wants clarity about the work we have set. She has really impressed us with her work this week too.


Learning stars for 3rd April 2020

Muniba Irfan 

Your email contact with us has shown that you are being hard working and diligent with your work.

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Zain Anwar  

You have emailed us regularly to update us on your work, which has been beautifully presented.

 Usmaan Mushtaq

We have been really pleased to see the photos of all your hard work!


Learning Stars for 27th March 2020

Haider Naieem 

Your email contact with us has shown that you are doing your home-learning to a high standard.

Safa Shakeel

You have emailed to ask lots of questions which shows you are taking responsibility for learning.

Hafsah Zaman

Your email had lots of detail and you let us know there were problems with Atom Learning.

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