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Kindness and Happiness

Lots of wonderful things are happening all around the world at the moment! This page is for stories of kindness and happiness to cheer us up.

This week is 'Mental Health Week'! Think about what you can do to help your mental health. 

Make The Most of May! Today is 'Find a Friend Day'. 


Visit the Mental Health Foundation website to watch this video on KINDNESS MATTERS.

Update - Ana from Story Makers has sent the girls an advanced copy (a copy of the book before it is shown to the public) of their book!  The office at school is going to send them out this week.  It is so exciting to have a book published!  A big thank you to Ana and everyone from Leeds Beckett University who helped this to happen!

Something that has given us lots of happiness today is seeing this fantastic article published about our amazing year group.

You make us unbelievably proud and happy!

What has Mrs Buckley's cat been up to now? The Adventures of Millie continues....

If you watched the well done assembly this week, you will know that Mrs Buckley's cat fell off her roof!  Here is a video clip to show you that her cat is safe and well!


Where is your happy place?

Here is Mrs Buckley in her happy place!

5 things Year 6 are grateful for!

What are you grateful for?

Happy News



Has someone done something kind for you? Or have you done something kind for someone? Share your story below.


Tell us about your kindness story!

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Zenab(less than a month ago)

I am grateful for Family Money House Internet Life Best Friend (Safah Hussain)

hafsah(about a month ago)

1. im grateful for having family who help me out. 2. im grateful for having teachers who help me with the work i’m stuck on. 3. i am grateful for being safe in a home. 4.i am grateful for the sunshine. And finally i’m grateful for the work i get to help me with my education.

hafsah(about a month ago)

1. i am grateful for a family who help me with work.. 2.i am grateful for the sunshine. 3. i am

Safa(about a month ago)

My cousin has helped me with my school work.

Esha Mahmood(about a month ago)

4)happy to have a family who can help me a lot with hard work

Esha Mahmood(about a month ago)

1) happy that I am learning different things eg:baking colouring . 2)parents and siblings helping me on parts I am not sure of. 3)the sunshine feels nice and bright

Esha mahmood(about a month ago)

Parent and other siblings help me when I feel stuck or find some work hard!trying the best I can be...

Mrs Buckley(about a month ago)

I am really happy that I work with lots of wonderful teachers and support staff. I'm also really pleased that the Year 6 children are trying their best to keep learning and I love reading their emails (and seeing their pictures).

Miss Ashcroft(about a month ago)

My friend Anna knew I was bored so she posted me one of her books which she thought I would enjoy.

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