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If you're bored...

Here are a few art activities for you to try at home. Give them a go and send us a photo of your art work.

How to create 3D trick art on paper

Khizar followed the directions very carefully and produced his own 3D cube. 

How to create your own optical illusion art piece

Khizar followed the directions very carefully and produced his own 3D sphere.

How to Make The Most Simple Mandala

How to Draw a 3D Chair

Khizar and his family have been very busy creating this pond in their garden!  The local animals and insects will love this!

Having a mini pond in your garden is great for the local wildlife.  You can even make one from an old washing up bowl!

To Here are some activities that Bradford Council has provided.

Join in with Look North's weatherman - Owain Wyn Evans - whilst he plays his drums.  You can use your voice, pans and anything you've got to tap out a beat or make a sound.  This is AWESOME!

Click on the VE Day picture to find recipes, a dance and much more that you can do to celebrate VE Day!

Click on the picture below to find some famous Bradford landmarks to colour in.

Why not make a board game to play with your family?  The rules for Adam's game are below the pictures.

Try this street dance workshop from Bradford Council!  It's great exercise and good fun!

How far can you make a paper plane fly? Perhaps you could make one and measure how far it flew. Then you could email us a picture of your plane and how far it went!

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