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  YEAR 5 and 6 

Summer 1 Home Learning

 Week 3 

Thursday 7th May

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Come with me...I'm going for a walk...


Yesterday I asked you to think of some questions which the children's mum might ask them when they got back. 

Here are some questions I thought of.

Read them out loud (remember your question voice!) 

Where did you go?

Why did you go to the waste ground?

What was in like in the tunnel?

Why did you not stay together?

Who did you see in the forest?

How did you feel?

How do you feel about each other now? 


Imagine you are the boy or the girl in the story. Retell what happened in your own words. 

Remember to use:

  • past tense verbs- e.g. crawled, waited, saw, felt
  • first person pronouns e.g. I, we, he, she, his, her,  

You might want to start with this sentence:

When we left the house, we walked to the waste ground near by. 


I'd love to read your stories...send me a photo or email me them, please!


Play this game to practise your 6x table Click here

Remember the cube I made from 6 squares. Did you make one too?

Follow this video to draw a cube in your book:

Click here

Label your cube using the diagram below:

Here is how we say the words:

faces ( 'c' sounds like 's'   two syllables:  fa/ces)

edges ( 'g' sounds like 'j' two syllables:  edg/es)

vertices ( 'c' sounds like 's'  three syllables ver/ti/ces )

Do the cube puzzle below:

This weekend will be a long weekend ( Friday, Saturday and Sunday)  so you might like to do some baking. Here is one of my favourites! 

Here is the recipe if you want to make some yourself!

You can also find other things to do on our Fun things to Do page 

Have fun with things in your creative pack too!

Don't forget to send me some photos!


Brain Gym:

Try some different exercises today to get you ready to learn...


Read the last two pages of the story again...

Here are the sentences I asked you to order. Read them out loud.

Did you get the order right?

 The girl put her arms around the statue and hugged it. Slowly, the statue changed colour and began to feel warmer. The statue started to move.Her brother was back! They ran through the forest. The children went into the tunnel. They came out of the tunnel together.  



Talk about your ideas:

What happened when they got home? 

What did their mum say

What questions might she ask her children?


Draw a big speech bubble in your book

Write some questions which mum might ask the children.

Here are some question words which you could use:





e.g. Where have you been? 

REMEMBER - Write the question word first ( who? what?) and then the verb

( did, have, were) 


Work with a partner. Use two dice.

Start at 50. Throw the dice in turn and subtract the number on the dice.

e.g.  Player 1: 50 - 6 = 54  Player 2: 54- 5 = 49...

Using squares to make a 3D shape

Here are 6 squares.

Which 3D shape could I make?

Here is a clue...

I made a cube!

Here are the properties of a cube

CHALLENGE: Can you make a cube? 

You could draw around a square object (look at my second picture to help you.) Or you might have a different idea! 

Send me a photo of your own cube!

Enjoy the rest of your day!

Tuesday 5th May


 Brain Gym: 

Try 2 or 3 of these exercise to get you ready to work: 


What happened next in out story?

Listen to me read the next part...

Read the sentences below, linked to this part of the story.

They ran through the forest.

Slowly, the statue changed colour and began to feel warmer.

They came out of the tunnel together.

The girl put her arms around the statue and hugged it. 

Her brother was back!

The statue started to move. 

The children went into the tunnel.


Write the date in your book.

Rewrite the sentences in the right order.

Do you remember the play dough statue I made at the weekend?

I had a go at painting it to show what it looked like when the boy came to life again! 

What do you think? 

You could have a go at painting yours too, if you have some paints at home.


Here are the answers to the arithmetic test

Remember to colour the ones you got right  green  and the ones you got wrong red

How did you do this week? I hope your scores are getting better!

Have you remembered your 6 times table

Practise using this game. Click here

Use your  6 times table facts  to solve other facts:

E.g.   6 x 4 = 24


60 x 4 = 240  ( 60 is multiplied by 10 so 24 is multiplied by 10)


6 x 40 = 240

60 x 40 = 2400 ( x 10 and x 10 = x 100)

600 x 4 = 2400

Do the same as I have done with the following facts:

6 x 3 =

6 x 7 =

6 x 8 =


Can you find any more examples of your own? 

Enjoy the rest of your day!

Monday 4th May

Go to the Gallery on our home learning page and look at some new photos!

 First, wake your body and mind up and get ready to learn...


Here is this week's arithmetic test.

REMEMBER to use jottings you know to help you. Answers tomorrow!


Remember what happened at the end of the story last week.

Here is the text for you to read again:


Just when she knew she could run no further, she came to a clearing. 

There was a figure, still as stone. 

It was her brother. 

"Oh no!" she sobbed. "I'm too late."


Practise your neat handwriting and copy the text into your book. 

NOW: Scan for these words and highlight them:




Read the sentences again and think about what these words might mean.

I used an online dictionary to find the definition of the words

Here are the definitions I found.


  • the shape of a human body 


  • an open piece of land that has no trees or bushes


  • cried with emotion and taking short gasps of breath


Can you match the definitions to the words? 

Write them in your book under these headings ( Don't forget to write today's date)


word                                     definition

You could use the dictionary yourself to find the definitions of the words yourself or words which you have found in your reading. Follow this link:

Watch what I did at the weekend, linked to the story...

Why don't you have a go at making some play dough and have some fun too?!

Don't forget to send me some photos!