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ARC Year 5 and 6

Summer 1 Home Learning

Go to the Gallery  on ARC Year 5 and 6 home page and look at the photos of the work some of you have been doing!

Friday 24th April

Good Morning!

How are you today?

Click here to sing along with this song


Today I would like you to choose something to read yourself.

Follow this link to Oxford Owl  Click here

Find My class login and type in  My class name : team arc

                                          My class password: pizza

Have a look through the books ( try age 6/7 or 7/9) You could choose a fiction or non-fiction book. 

Choose a book to read or listen to (audio). Remember to turn the page

Some books have play activities too! Have fun reading and listening! 


Think about what you have just read.

If it was a fiction (story) book do one of the following:

  • retell the story, or part of it in your own words
  • describe one of the characters- what they look like, how they behave
  • design a new front cover for the book ( use what you know about the story for the picture. Don't forget to write the title and the author 

If it was a non-fiction (information):

  • write 5 facts you have learned and draw a picture to go with each one


Practise your 6 x table Click here to play this game ( or choose one of your own) 

Remember my square hunt? Here is a reminder of the squares I found in my house.

Did you find any squares in your house?

Here is a square puzzle for you to try!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

The sun will hopefully be shining so try to get some fresh air but stay safe!


Thursday 23rd April

Good morning everyone!

I hope you are up and ready to do your work for today!

Warm up:

 Try these hand brain gym exercises to start          Click here


Listen and watch me reading the next part of our story 'The Tunnel' by Antony Browne


Here is the text for you to read again. Try to read it out loud to someone in your family. 


The tunnel was dark and damp and slimy and scary.

At the other end she found herself in a quiet wood. There was no sign of her brother. But the wood soon turned into a dark forest. She thought about wolves and giants and witches, and wanted to turn back. But she could not -what would become of her brother if she did? By now she was very frightened and began to run faster and faster...


What do you think the girl was thinking as she ran?



Draw a thought bubble in your book like this:

Write your ideas about what the girl is thinking in the bubble.  Start with : I am really scared...

Read your ideas out loud to a member of your family. Remember to use a scared voice !


Remember the shape video from yesterday? ( Watch it again if you want to - scroll down to Wednesday's page)

Now see if you can do this quiz!  Click here


Here are some photos of the squares I found.

Where do you think I found them?


NOW Go on a square hunt around your house. See how many you can find!

You could take photos or draw them and label them!



Wednesday 22nd April

Good morning Adrian, Austeja, Hassan and Miriama and to all your families too! 

I miss seeing you all!

Here is your learning for today. I hope you enjoy it!

Here is a morning workout to get your brains and bodies ready!  Click here


Remember the sentences which you ordered yesterday? 

Here is the correct order:

Mother told the children to go out together.

The children went to some waste ground. 

The boy moaned at his sister. 

He went off to explore. 

The boy crawled into the tunnel.

The girl waited for her brother to come out. 

She followed her brother into the tunnel.

Did you get them right? Practise reading the sentences out loud in your best story telling voice! 

 Get an adult to say the sentences to you and try to repeat them (in the right order without missing any out!) Try to write the sentences correctly in your book ( like we do on a Monday in school!) 

Look at the picture and text above. What adjectives does the author use to describe the tunnel?

Do you know what these words mean? Can you find out? 

Think about how the girl might be feeling. Choose 4 words from the ones below which you think describe her feelings the best.

  worried        excited       cold      happy     frightened     calm    angry     tearful    nervous 


Use the words in sentences to explain your ideas

e.g. The girl was _________ because... 


Predict ( use your own ideas from what you know already) What might happen next? What might be at the other end of the tunnel? Will the girl find her brother? What will they say to each other? Share your ideas with an adult.


Remember the 6x table song from yesterday? Here it is for you to join in with again! 

Click here

Follow the link to play a fishing game to practise your 6 x table Click here 

Tomorrow we are going to start some work on shape. Watch this clip to revise names and properties of some 2D shapes. 

Click here 

Tunnel Challenge!

Remember I showed you a tunnel I made yesterday and asked you to make one? I hope you did! 

Today's challenge is to make a tunnel out of a piece of paper ( A4 if you have one). 

If you have a small toy e.g a car, a small person, an animal, you could make it for them! 

Here are two simple tunnels I made for a small elephant!


You could even decorate your tunnel - colour it or stick things on it! 

Have fun! (Send me some pictures if you can) 


Have a lovely rest of the day!  


Hello Everybody! 


Tuesday 21st April

Here is your learning for today



Try some yoga to start your day!  click here


Remember the first part of our new story 'The Tunnel' from yesterday. Can you remember the characters and what happened? Listen to me reading it again below. 


Now read these sentences. 

The boy moaned at his sister.

The children went to some waste ground.

He went off to explore. 

The girl waited for her brother to come out. 

Their mother told the children to go out together. 

She followed her brother into the tunnel. 

The boy crawled into the tunnel. 


Can you put the sentences in the right order? 

Write today's date and then write the sentences in the correct order in your book. 


Can you make your own tunnel?!

Here are  photos of some I made... one inside and one outside! 

You can use chairs and blankets like I did or use your own ideas!

I would love to see the tunnels you make! Can you send me a picture? ( get an adult to take a photo and send it to me)


When you have made your tunnel, get another person to help you act out this part of the story.

You might start like this: 

Boy: Look! A tunnel! Lets go in...

Girl: No! I'm scared... there might be witches! 

Don't forget good facial expression and good voices - how will the boy and girl speak?

You might even want to write this as a play script afterwards! 



Here are the answers to the arithmetic test from yesterday. Mark your answers and colour them like we do in school - green for right and red for wrong. How many did you get right? 


6 x Table 

 Listen and sing along to a 6 x table song ( you might recognise the tune!)  Click here

Now choose one of your favourite times table games and practise your 6 times tables. 

Practise some that you already know too!

Monday 20th April


Here is the front cover of a new book. 

What is the title? What is a tunnel?  Have you ever seen one or even been through one?

Who is the author? Do you remember a book we read before which was written by him? Yes- Hansel and Gretel! 

Briefly tell a member of your family what you remember about the story.

Now look at the front cover of The Tunnel.

Talk about:

  • Who is going through the tunnel? 
  • Why do you think she is going in? 
  • How do you think she feels? Why?
  • What else can you see? What do you think this tells you about the girl? ( clue: a book
  • What do you think is through the tunnel? 

Now watch and listen to me read the first part of the story...

What did you think of the first part of the story?

What about the characters? Who did you prefer, the brother or the sister? Why?


Here is a picture of the two main characters: 

Draw a picture of the two children in your book. (Don't forget to write the date first!)

Write 4 sentences about the boy and the girl using what you have heard already. 

e.g. The girl liked reading books. 

     The boy tried to scare his sister. 

Try to use the pronouns she and he in some of your sentences.



Here is your first arithmetic test for this term. These should be a bit easier than the ones we have done in school as you are doing them on your own at home. 

Remember to do your jottings and use the methods we have practiced. I will give you the answers tomorrow.