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Thursday 7th May

I hope you're all well.

Let's start with this exercise today.

I hope you enjoyed that! 

Do you know what day it is today?

   Click on the calendar and find out.

Do you remember what Thumbelina found on the ground?

That's right, a bird!

Today I would like you to follow the instructions below and draw a bird in your book or on a piece of paper.


Count along with this video today.

Go on to Numbots and practise adding and subtracting.  Your username and password is in your school pack.

That's all for today and this week!

It's bank holiday tomorrow so enjoy the long weekend!


Wednesday 6th May

Warm up with this quick exercise today.

  Now click on the calendar and do the date!

Today I would like you to try this phonic activity.

Say / sign each letter sound and blend to read the word.

Look at the pictures to help you read the words.

Write today's date in your book: Wednesday 6th May

Look at the words from your phonics activity below.

Read the words and then write them in your book.  

Then draw pictures that matches the words.  Watch the video again to help you draw the pictures.  Here's an example of the first one:






Click on the video below and get ready to count to 100!

Remember this symbol + It means how many altogether.

Look at the maths activity below.

Draw the pictures and write the number sentence below.

Count the pictures carefully and write the correct numbers.  

That's all for today! Remember to send me some photos of your work..

Enjoy the rest of the day!


Tuesday 5th May

How are you all today? I hope you're well.

It's PE today so here's the video.  Watch and follow the exercises carefully.

 Remember to drink some water!


  Click on the calendar and do today's date.


 Can you remember the story of Thumbelina?

Watch and listen to the story so far again.  

Some of you will need an adult to help you read the story.

Now try to answer some questions about the story.  Ask someone to help with these.

Snack time and play time!


Click on the video and join in with the counting.

How did you do with the arithmetic test yesterday?

See below for the answers. 

I hope you did well with the test. 

Correct the ones you did not get right and practise these.

Practise writing numbers to 50 in your book.

Make sure you write them correctly.

That's all for today!

Have a good day everyone!


Monday 4th May

I hope you’re all well and had a good weekend.

Here's your work for today.

Let’s start with this exercise today.

Do you know what date it is today?

   Click on the calendar and find out today's date.

Today I would like you to practise reading and matching words to the pictures.  Click on this link below:

When you're on the page, click on 1 & 2 and start playing the game.

 I hope you matched all the words.



Write today's date in your writing book: Monday 4th May

 Draw a picture of something you did this weekend in your book.  Then ask someone to help you write something about your picture.  For example:

On Sunday I played with my car.



Click on the video and join in with the counting.

Today I want you to try this arithmetic test by yourself.

Write the answers in your book.  

I will show you the answers tomorrow and you can check them.

Remember to play some games and play out if the weather is good.

Have a good day!


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