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Summer 1 Week 2


Good morning everyone!

Friday 1st May

Today is Pyjamarama day! 

This is a day where you read or tell stories to each other and you can stay in you pyjamas all day!

Start today with this pyjama song.  

Stay in your pyjamas and join in with the dance.

Do you know which month we are in now?

   Click on the calendar and find out and do the date.

Today I would like you to choose your favourite reading book.

Build a den inside or, if the weather is good, outside in your garden.
Put a blanket over some chairs and some cushions or pillows in your den.

Look at the photos below for some ideas.

Read or share your favourite book or ask someone to read it to you.

You can tell stories and role play them with your family.


Play some maths games in your den.

You can clap your hands and your family have to say how many times you clapped.

Get an empty bucket or a bowl. 

Get some balls or some socks folded up like a ball like these:

Take turns with your family to throw the balls or socks into the bowl or bucket.

See the photos below for some ideas.

Count how many you get in.  Who can get the most balls or socks into the bucket?

You can make it harder by blindfolding your eyes and then throw the balls like the boys in the photo below.

Or you can play matching pairs game or snap or snakes and ladders in your den.

Have fun everyone! Please take photos and send them to me as I would love to see photos of you playing the games.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Thursday 30th April

How are you today? I hope you're well.

Here's your work for today.

Click on this video and join in with saying and signing the letters of the alphabet.

 Go through the days of the week and do today's date.

Do you remember what happened in part 3 of the Thumbelina story?

Watch the story again to remind yourself.

Practise reading and writing the following words from the story.

Remember to look at the word carefully, say / sign the word, cover it and then try to write the word yourself.




Now draw your house - remember to draw windows, door and a roof.

Write the labels window, door and roof next to your house.

Snack time and play time!


Start maths with this warm up video.

Join in and have fun!

Did you find out how long the objects were by counting the paper clips?

Which object was the longest?

Today I want you to go onto Education City. 

Follow the instructions below and do the paper clips measurement activity.

Hope you enjoyed the maths activity.

Have a lovely day!


Wednesday 29th April

I hope you're all well.

Here's your work today.

Let's start with this warm up.

I hope you enjoyed the warm up. 

 Remember to drink some water!

Click on the calendar and do today's date.

Can you remember your spellings?

Watch this song and practise your spellings.

Here's the next part of the story 'Thumbelina'.

Some of you will be able to listen to me reading the story .  Some of you will need to ask someone to help you read the story. 

Did you think this would happen to Thumbelina?

Write today's date in your writing book - Wednesday 29th April

Draw a picture of Thumbelina, the mole and the mouse.

Write their names under their pictures.

Snack time and play time!


I hope you found out how long objects in your house are using your hand spans.

Look at the pictures on the maths sheet carefully.

Count the number of paper clips each object is.

Here is an example: 

Draw the objects in your book.  Count the number of paper clips then draw the correct number of paper clips.Then write the number under each picture.

That's all for today!

Take care everyone and hope you have a good day.


Tuesday 28th April

Today is PE day for you.

Click on the video for your PE lesson.


Can you sign the story 'Thumbelina' to your family?

Here’s Mrs Waring signing part 2 of the story to help you.

Snack time and play time!


 I hope you found some long and short things yesterday and drew them in your books.

See below for today's maths activity.

I would love to see your work.

Please ask your mum or dad to  take photos of your work and email them to me at this address:

That's all for today!

Enjoy the rest of the day!




Monday 27th April

I hope you are all well and had a good weekend.

Here's your work for today.

Start with this exercise.

 Remember to drink some water!


 Click on the calendar and do today's date.

Now do this reading activity.

Snack time and play time!


Start maths with this counting video - count along and join in with the actions.

In maths you will be learning about 'long' and 'short' today.  Try this activity below.

That's all for today.

Enjoy the rest of the day!


What do you think will happen next?

You will have to wait and see the next part of the story tomorrow.

Here are some questions  about the story so far.  Try to answer the questions about the story in your book. 

Have a go at making a small bed out of paper or cereal boxes for a teddy.

Snack time and play time!




Click on the video and join in with the counting.

Look at the maths work below.  Count the objects carefully and draw them in your books.  Then write the correct number.

Count objects in your house - look in the kitchen:

count the spoons, plates and bowls.  

Draw them in your book and write the correct number.

Enjoy the rest of your day!