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Mrs Finch's Group 

Summer 2 - Week 6

Send your work in at least once a week to

Please remember to write the date on all of your work.
Keep it safe, you will need to bring it in when you are back at school. 

 Work sent in from home: 

Wow, look at Rayhan’s amazing gorilla picture! Well done Rayhan, you have tried hard to label it too. Keep up the good work! 

Mrs Finch and Benji had lots of fun making Komodo Dragons! Scroll down to find out how you can make one too! 

Well done Haider, your drawing of a gorilla is fantastic! I like your neat handwriting too. Keep up the good work! 

Mrs Finch saw that Haider did some great work on Education City. You got an excellent score, well done Haider!

Well done for completing the ‘o’clock and half past’ sheet and completing all the activities on Education City! You have got great scores. I really like your Viking picture, especially the Viking hat with the huge horns. Brilliant work this week Haider! 

Rayhan has sent a picture of himself with his guitar and drawn a brilliant picture of it as well! It is an excellent drawing and I bet you’ve been playing some lovely music on your guitar, Rayhan. Keep up the excellent work on phonics play too. 10/10! Super star. 

Haider has completed his Education City tasks again this week! This is brilliant, you have great scores again! I am very happy to see you are going on every week and working hard! 

I am so pleased to see Rayhan reading one of his books, I hope you enjoyed the story. What a great job you did with reading and sorting the true and false statements, very neat writing too! One of the most important jobs is being a big brother and your little brother looks like he enjoys it when you play with him. It’s not an easy job keeping them entertained and doing your school work too.  Brilliant work this week Rayhan! 

Excellent work Pavel! I can see you have been completing lots of sheets in your home learning packs, I am very pleased to see you are practising neat handwriting at home just like you do at school. Well done, it looks like you have enjoyed the Maths pack too. Keep up this super work Pavel, I can not wait to see what you send in next! 

Well done Haider for completing one of the activities on Education City this week! Keep up the good work and brilliant scores!

Wake Up and Get Moving!

Which wake up song will you pick today? 


Activities to complete this week:

1.Watch the Story below, The Scarecrows Wedding. Can you think of a time you have been to a wedding? Was it similar to the scarecrows wedding or different? How are the Scarecrows feeling? 

2. Let's practise the Sight Words with Jack Hartmann on the clip below. 

Activities to complete this week:

1. Watch the clip to recap on adding and subtracting. 

2. Click here to go to Education City, click on Classwork, then click Mrs Finch's Group Activities to play:  One Two Bee.


3. In your homework book complete these sums below:
3 + 6 =
9 – 2 =
10 + 4 =
13 + 3 =
15 – 6 = 


Activities to complete this week:

1.1. In your Grammar 1 Pupil Book, find page 18. Click here to hear the sound ‘ll’. You do not need to do the dictation part. Read the list of words in the blue box to an adult.


2. Choose one of your High Frequency Word sheets to complete. Please remember to write the date on the top of your sheet. 


Click here to go to the New Phonics Play on the school website. 

Click on phase 3 and click on the 'ear' and 'air' sounds this week.
Don't forget to play Tricky Trucks and Flash Cars too!
Let’s practise the 'ear' and 'air' sounds below.

This week I would like you to make a poster all about yourself for your new class teacher, you can draw yourself and all the thing that you like and maybe what you don’t like too. Take a picture of this and I can send it to your new class teacher so that they can get to know you! Here are some ideas to help you: 

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