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Ilkley Visit

Aqsa’s Brilliant Trip to Ilkley

I had an excellent and fun time going to Ilkley Moor and seeing the waterfall.

Ilkley is in the countryside and you’ll have the best time ever!

In the morning when the bright sun shined in my eye, I woke up excitedly ready for the trip. I quickly had my breakfast and got to school early. Mrs Azad did the register and we went out of school. At last! We got onto a big bus and the driver took us to Forster Square, so that we could get the train.

At last we caught the train and went to the brilliant, fantastic Ilkley. I saw the huge, gigantic museum and we started to sketch it. How fun! Finally we got to the moor. I enjoyed climbing up it. I was so happy that I went to the moor because I could see a good view of Ilkley. Me and Aamina saw a big, black scary dog and we both were scared and frightened. I heard birds singing and tweeting. I also met a lady who had eight dogs with her and one of them was going to eat Miss Akhtar’s food…



Year 5



Day In Ilkley

Today was the day that I went to Ilkley.

I was very excited and I raced off downstairs. I had my breakfast and got changed. I set off to school. As I got to school I heard everyone talking because they were very excited. I put my white school wristband on and we walked happily to Thornton road. We caught the 607 bus into town and then we walked to the train station. While we were on the train we had to spot buildings on the way there. The teacher gave me a blue camera to take some amazing photos,


We then went to the old Manor House and did a sketch of it. Once we had finished the sketch we went to the moor. We walked up a high mountain up to White Wells and ate our lunch there. Nayyab and Iqra were scared because there were two dogs called Amber and Jet. I think they were very friendly. Once we went down the hill, they jumped in the lake and went for a swim.


The day was almost over and we went to the railway station and set off back to school.  It was a shattering day!



Year 5