Girlington Primary School

Girlington Primary School

Taking your long term plan LIVE

Key Stages 1 & 2

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1. How to think about a Long Term Plan

We are in the first year of a revised curriculum. It's important that we leave ourselves room to adapt our planning as the year goes on. For this reason, we will not be finishing our long term plan for 2020-21 before we start the academic year. So instead, we will think of our long term plans as live documents that can be improved as we reflect on our progress through the year.  Here's how to take your 2020-21 curriculum 'live':

You will need...

2. Check Curriculum Coverage

3. Decide what to move and what to remove.

Use Curriculum Maestro and your Long Term Plan to take an overview of what the whole year might be like.

  • We must place the projects in the best order.

  • We must choose the LTIs we want for Autumn 1.

  • We don't have to choose the LTIs for the whole year now, because we will continue to adapt as we go.

4. Check the coverage again.

  • If there are any significant gaps, be aware that those aspects will need to be covered during the year.

5. Consider history and geography.

  • Look at the history and geography section of your long term plan.

  • Browse through the CM projects to see if there are opportunities for teaching and learning to take place that includes some of these methods or aspects.

  • Change or adapt your Long Term Plan - at least for Autumn 1.

  • We don't have to do this for the whole year since we will be updating it as we go along.

6. Adapt or add to your calendar on the second page.

7. Save as Year X Creative Curriculum Long Term Plan 2020-21 in the folder 'LIVE Long Term Plans'.