Girlington Primary School

Girlington Primary School

1. Preliminary Activity

1. Our Curriculum Manifesto

Watch the video.

2. Curriculum Maestro Overview

Log in to Curriculum Maestro and explore some of its features.

3. Curriculum Maestro Projects

The aim of this task is to help us to see the value in Curriculum Maestro for helping us to address our core values and principles. Watch the video first, then do the activity.

You will need...


This activity can be done on your own or via a teams meeting with your colleague(s).

In Curriculum Maestro, find the lesson from the list below that's relevant to the year you will be teaching in September.

Nursery - Why do you love me so much? / Engage / Family

Reception - Are carrots orange? / Engage / Supermarket visit

Year 1 - School Days / Develop / The Victorian Era

Year 2 - Magnificent Monarchs / Develop / Hierarchy and Power

Year 3 - Through the Ages / Engage / Stone Age Settlements

Year 4 - Misty Mountain, Winding River / Develop / Topography and Contour Lines

Year 5 - Off With Her Head! / Develop / Henry's Homes

Year 6 - Frozen Kingdoms / Develop / Significant Decisions


Questions to think about:

What aspects of the activity could meet our aims successfully?

What knowledge would you emphasise?

What vocabulary would you choose to teach, and how could you teach it?

How could the way you teach this lesson help children to develop their character?

What links could be made to other learning?

Could the lesson be improved? If so, how?

Record all of your responses in the 'adapt lesson' box, and press save. Only one person can save at one time. We will share our thoughts and ideas in base team meetings.

Please contact me by email or in teams if you have any questions or problems.

Thank you.

Martin Hall