Girlington Primary School

Girlington Primary School

Preparing for school


We want a child's transition into school to be as smooth as possible. We therefore have lots of opportunities planned to help support this transition.  

Before children start school they will receive a home visit from either the foundation stage leader or their key worker. This gives us the chance to spend time with your child in an environment where they are comfortable.  It also gives us an opportunity to find out lots of things about your child and see if they have any special interests, so we can be ready for when they start school.

Children are invited to stay and play sessions. They can come into school with a parent or carer before they officially start and spend time in their new classroom.  This gives children a chance to begin to explore their new surroundings with a familiar adult.

All children will be given a date to come and have a visit to school with their parent or carer. This will give your child's key worker chance to spend time getting to know them.


If you would like any more information about our transition programme please contact the school office.