Girlington Primary School

Girlington Primary School

Resourced Provision

Girlington Primary School has an Resourced Provision for pupils who are Deaf and hearing impaired.  The Resourced Provision is one of three within Bradford which provide for Deaf children and young people and which are all part of the Sensory Service for the authority. Girlington Resourced Provision is an integral part of the school and all deaf pupils are fully included in all aspects of learning and school life.

Our overall aim is to provide for all our deaf pupils and remove barriers to learning in order that individuals feel happy, secure and included. We aim to offer quality first, specialist teaching and support and to provide all pupils with the tools to succeed to their full potential both in terms of their learning and in relation to their social and emotional needs.


The Learning Environment:

All teaching and learning areas are acoustically treated to a high specification in order that all forms of amplification can be used effectively. We have children with a range of hearing loss from mild to profound.  Some children are hearing aid users and some children have cochlear implants.   

All classrooms and group rooms use stimulating, effective and appropriate visual displays and resources which seek to enhance the learning of all our pupils.   



Mrs C. Hussain: Teacher of the Deaf (Joint Lead) 

Mrs R. Hussain: Teacher of the Deaf (Joint Lead)

Mrs H. Walford: Teacher of the Deaf (in training) 

Mrs J. Dixon: Specialist Support Worker

Mrs C. Ralph: Specialist Support Worker

Mrs F. Quddus: Specialist Support Worker 

Mrs Y. Arif: Specialist Support Worker 

Mrs I. Hussain: Specialist Support Worker 

Miss M Ali: Specialist Support Worker


Additional Support

Speech and Language Therapy

We have two Specialist Speech and Language Therapist who both work one morning a week within the Resourced Provision. Their work involves carrying out both formal and informal assessments, to identify progress and future targets, and delivering one to one and group speech and language sessions, specifically related to these targets. In addition, joint planning and target setting with Teachers of the Deaf ensures that the speech and language targets are built into the day to day curriculum to meet individuals’ needs.

S Hackett: Specialist Speech and Language Therapist

 Audiological Support

An educational audiologist works closely with the Resourced Provision and provides regular support and training to staff as well as with transition to secondary school.

A. Limbert: Educational Audiologist 


Parent Involvement Officer

A Parent Involvement Officer provides regular support to families of the pupils. This includes the following:

  • Home visits regarding issues in school. 
  • Parent drop in sessions to meet with other parents of deaf children, other deaf parents and to access advice and information from outside agencies e.g. NDCS, Barnardo’s
  • Meeting parents to provide information and support regarding their deaf child/children.

S. Younis: Parental Involvement Officer


Yorkshire Auditory Implant Service (YAIS)

Teachers of the Deaf from the cochlear implant service maintain regular contact with pupils and staff, visit school to monitor pupils and liaise with Teachers of the Deaf in school about ongoing progress and future targets for individuals.

The Resourced Provision team works closely and collaboratively both within the resourced provision and with mainstream staff. Within the team there is a wealth of experience and knowledge. Both Teachers of the Deaf, in addition to their mainstream teaching qualifications, both have an MA in Deaf Education. Support Assistants working within the Resourced Provision have received specialist training in many aspects of deaf education including audiology and language development. All staff working within the provision have qualifications to at least Level 1 in British Sign Language (BSL). Staff receive regular opportunities to attend courses in order to keep up to date with new information and technological advances.

J.Bickley: Teacher of the Deaf